The Leader in Asset Tracking

About SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets

SkyBitz is the leading remote asset and trailer tracking and information management service provider, specializing in real‐time decision-making tools for companies with unpowered assets.

We’re on Your Industry’s Pulse

Work with experts who know your business like you do. SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets provides best-in-class asset tracking technology to a variety of industries all over the globe.

Global Coverage and Visibility

Global industries require global coverage. Our state-of-the-art satellite GPS tracking gives you continuous access to the status and location of your assets, no matter where they travel.

Easy Access to Information

Get the power to make proactive decisions. Our web service is easy to use with no complex integration or installation, and your Customer Experience manager is always ready to help.

Proven Innovation

SkyBitz has built its reputation as a market leader for remote asset management with cutting edge solutions and our patented GLS technology and communications protocol.

Keep Your Assets In Sight

SkyBitz customers rely on our GPS trailer tracking technology to achieve total asset visibility, improved security, lower operating and capital expenses, and enhanced customer service.  To drive efficiencies in operations, or to respond quickly to problematic situations, you must have the ability to know where assets are at any given time. Enterprises with mobile assets can utilize industry-leading solutions from SkyBitz to achieve continuous visibility of assets. 

A trailer tracking and asset management solution has never been easier to implement or more cost-effective. SkyBitz as a Service is a comprehensive subscription-based solution for asset management featuring: 

  • No upfront capital investment.
  • Affordable flat monthly fee.
  • Quicker deployment to entire fleet.

Check out our award-winning Falcon Series products, custom built cellular devices designed to deliver accurate, real-time data enabling operations managers to make mission critical decisions that improve fleet efficiency and their company’s bottom line.

Staying ahead in the trucking industry requires optimal efficiency, which means you need a reliable trailer tracking service to stay ahead. Without a reliable trailer tracking service, you’re likely to fall behind. At SkyBitz, we offer asset tracking technology that promises ultimate visibility into fleet activity. Visibility will create opportunities for streamlining operations, optimizing productivity, and increasing revenue.

We know, you can get inundated with loads of data – spending too much time manipulating it into a useable format. With SkyBitz, you can quickly analyze large data sets and view them in a more effective and intuitive way. Run reports that provide more visual context and provide historical views in order to determine any trends and perform additional analysis.

SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets takes the holistic approach to our customers’ success. You’ll be backed by industry experts whose role is to be your partner and ensure that your asset tracking solutions are working for your business. Our Customer Experience Organization enables us to deliver continued value and empower you to get performance-driven results.