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GPS Tracking and Asset Management for Leasing Companies

SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets offers GPS and asset tracking and asset management solutions designed to make your life easier and give you and your customers full visibility of your assets. Leasing companies rely on SkyBitz for the power to track their equipment from anywhere and at any time.

Asset Management for Leased / Rented Trailers

Carriers have come to expect tracking technology on all of their equipment. In order to stay competitive and win more business, leasing companies need to be able to offer this service. In addition, leasing companies struggle to keep track of their assets and simply lack the time and resources to spend on manual yard checks or man-hours calling customers for status updates.  

Asset Management for Heavy Equipment Rentals

It's a challenge to maintain visibility over your leased equipment in the field such as skid steers, backhoes, generators, tractors, light towers and other high value heavy equipment. SkyBitz provides equipment lessors and their customers the ability to receive critical information on engine hour run time—giving them the power to increase billing accuracy, schedule preventative maintenance and actively respond to stolen or misplaced construction equipment.

Benefits of GPS Tracking for Leasing Companies

With GPS asset status reporting, SkyBitz allows leasing companies to:

  • Bill customers more accurately
  • Address customer demand to track and monitor assets with ease
  • Respond to customer needs faster 
  • Perform remote yard checks
  • Improve maintenance scheduling
  • Reduce asset theft and misuse

Bill your customers more accurately

Determining the mileage of your leased trailers or the engine hours on other equipment each week can be a hassle, and when done incorrectly, it leads to over- or under-billing and disputes. SkyBitz provides accurate data reporting you can trust, allowing you to determine mileage in real-time or without the need for a physical inspection. This automates the process of billing, leading to better customer satisfaction and more productivity.

Optimize your maintenance scheduling

Need an easier way to stay on top of preventative maintenance? SkyBitz offers automated preventative maintenance alerts that allow you to optimize the way you take care of your fleet. Plus, with accurate mileage reports, you can schedule maintenance around actual mileage rather than static schedules, so if certain trailers get used more than others, you can ensure they get the service they need. For heavy equipment rentals, the SkyBitz Engine Hour Meter provides accurate engine hour reporting in near real-time to allow you to plan maintenance around real wear, not generalized timelines. You can also calibrate actual meter data within our best-in-class web-based software application. SkyBitz can also alert you to when an asset is near a maintenance facility so your maintenance team knows it’s there and ready for service.

Recover your assets and reduce misuse

SkyBitz understands that you need to know where your assets are, and you just don’t have time to perform manual yard checks or hours on the phone calling customers for help locating them. Our asset tracking software enables you to perform remote yard checks at any time. With custom SkyFence capabilities, the system can also alert you if any of your equipment goes outside the geo-boundaries you set. This helps you to reduce asset misuse and act quickly in the case of theft. Additionally, if a leased asset has not been returned in the contracted time period, finding out where it is and following up with your carriers is simple.

Empower your customers to track and monitor their assets

How does SkyBitz improve customer satisfaction? We address your customers’ demand to track and monitor their assets or field equipment by enabling you to share visibility with your customers via access to our intuitive customer web portal. You’ll know where your assets are at all times, and your customers will have an easier time keeping track of them as well. Existing SkyBitz customers will have access to seamless total visibility of their own assets as well as the assets they are leasing from their current user account. Non-SkyBitz customers can also get set-up with credentials for the customer portal. Your leasing customers will benefit from the ability to optimize their operations and increase security. The functionality for your customers includes:

  • Creating their own landmarks
  • Setting up their own destination profiles
  • Locking down devices for higher security
  • Reviewing “breadcrumbs” that lead to asset location

Take control of your leased assets today, and share powerful insights with your customers for an improved relationship. Contact SkyBitz today.