The Compliance Package

Your drivers spend long hours on the road, and Hours-of-Service (HOS) regulations exist to keep them safe by ensuring they get sufficient rest. The DOT puts a limit on the continuous hours a driver can be on the road and requires drivers to take breaks in order to avoid fatigue. Make the most out of your fleet’s driving hours with the Compliance package from SkyBitz Local Fleets. We track the status of your fleet at all times and while keeping you compliant with the DOT’s HOS regulations.


Electronic driver logs: Many fleets are currently preparing for a DOT mandate that will require them to switch from paper logs to electronic logs. Regardless of what any mandate dictates, e-logs are the most convenient and accurate way to track your fleet. SkyBitz Local Fleets Compliance comes equipped with everything you need to transfer from paper to e-logs. See how easy it is to follow HOS regulations when you have SkyBitz Compliance on your side.


Full visibility of your fleet: SkyBitz Compliance uses GPS fleet tracking technology to monitor every aspect of your fleet--where your drivers go, how long they spend there, and even how they drive. We also keep track of vehicle maintenance for you and remind you when your vehicles need routine service so they don’t break down unexpectedly. While your drivers are within the acceptable range of their HOS, we’ll make sure they always have a working vehicle so your fleet stays productive.