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Top 10 Things You Need to Know about the 3G Sunset

Any customer using remote monitoring and telematics applications that currently use 3G or older devices will be impacted by the network shutdowns. By transitioning to 4G and beyond, you will benefit from faster download speeds, smarter devices, and streaming technologies that will undoubtedly improve your business. When the network shuts down, your 3G devices will no longer report back to the network.

At SkyBitz , we are no stranger to technology sunsets. AT&T and Verizon CDMA have shut previous networks down to make room for new networks like 4G LTE and 5G. It’s important to get ahead by knowing how your business will be impacted so you can start building your sunset strategy with us today and turn your business challenges into profitable , proven opportunities. Call our dedicated reps to learn more and how you can easily get started.

1. What is the 3G Sunset?

AT&T is shutting their 3G network down. Verizon is shutting its CDMA network down. Some of our legacy SkyBitz devices run on these networks. These network carriers worldwide are transitioning to 4G LTE and beyond, to accommodate newer technology and improved network capacity. Devices that use 3G or older service will no longer work, as the carriers need to repurpose the 3G spectrum those devices operate on to make way for the newer network bandwidth. Upgrading to 4G LTE M services will bring improved speed and future compatibility with 5G networks.

2. When will the 3G Sunset happen?

In the US the 3G shutdown is expected to occur mostly in 2022, in Canada, they are currently focused on shutting their 2G network down [ SkyBitz does not have 2G networks in service], but don’t wait until then to build your sunset strategy as equipment and service transition takes time. Consider using this time to improve your overall operation for the long term, as many carriers do not allow any new activations on the 3G network as of now.

When will 3G be phased out?

3. What does the 3G Sunset mean for my business?

Your business consists of devices that most likely use a mix of 3G, CDMA, and 4G LTE service. Devices that are only capable of 3G, and CDMA will no longer work unless the network carriers implement an extension, which is unlikely and should not be considered a safe strategy. Planning an effective sunset strategy now means eliminating the risk of service disruption for you and your customers, which can also mean reducing the risk of a substantial financial loss for your business. Once your devices no longer work, there is no way to retrieve that data and continue monitoring your customers’ assets.

4. How will it impact my customers and my business?

At SkyBitz , we’ve led the market through previous sunsets by helping our customers get ahead of it, so we try and minimize the disruption to your operation as much as possible. But we like to challenge customers to think of this as a way to increase profits and processes across your entire business, and if you’re working with a solution provider that is not doing the same, give us a call.

In addition to upgrading your hardware devices, your solution provider should work with you on upgrading your service plans. They should help identify a strategy for managing your installations and integration upgrades, upgrading additional equipment such as tablets or phones, and coming up with a plan to address any additional monitoring needs.

This will impact you and your customers, but with the onset of 5G technology, now is the time to step back, assess all of your monitoring challenges, and come up with a strategy that addresses improving your entire operation for the greater good. Discuss your return on investment with your solution provider and integrate that into your short and long term operational roadmap.

5. How do I begin to prepare?

Now is a great time to analyze your entire base of assets. Discuss your customer’s business and  whether or not they have additional monitoring needs. Develop a plan that allows you to swap out the sunsetting technology with the addition of new units, so you’re adding revenue and increasing your margins while transitioning your end of life units at the same time.

Consider purchasing small quantities every month from now through 2021 and address customers one at a time so you can provide the best possible experience for them.

Our SkyBitz team can help you develop your communications plan and offer discounts and promotions relating to the sunset.

6. What will happen if I wait until the deadline or close to it?

The longer you wait to swap out devices, the more likely backlogs of equipment and additional rush fees may apply, which could cost your organization even more. Plus, service disruption can lead to unhappy customers and unnecessary financial loss.

7. How do I know which devices in the field will need to be replaced?

Get in contact with your sales rep as soon as possible to get a report on how many 3G units you have in the field.

8. How can I future proof my business from more technology sunsets?

This will not be the last of the network technology sunsets. Ensure your telematics provider has device options, service plans, and a sound installation strategy to safeguard you from future financial burden associated with sunsetting older technology.

Many devices nowadays are scalable for 5G and beyond. Ask your provider if you are concerned about your investment’s longevity and challenge them to work with you on assessing all of your transformation needs at this time.

9. Are there any offers or discounts if I begin my sunset before the end of 2020?

With the early switch to 4G LTE SkyBitz units, customers will benefit from promotional offers on new units. To find out more about the promotions available, contact your SkyBitz representative.

10. Is there a SkyBitz team that can help me plan for the sunset now?

SkyBitz has qualified support staff available to assist you during this time. Schedule a sunset strategy session today.

The 3G sunset will happen. Let SkyBitz help you monitor, improve, and grow your business while planning your 3G Sunset Strategy.

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