Big Data Should Lead to Big Decisions 

Big Data Just Got Bigger with the Falcon GXT3000 + InSight Trends

SkyBitz Insight Trends provides a flexible and customizable visual dashboard that translates historical information into actionable information. The ability to analyze trends lets you maximize utilization and profits by exposing opportunities for revenue and cost reduction.  

InSight Trends is built upon SkyBitz InSight, our best-in-class Web application for tracking, monitoring and managing a broad range of assets. Customers log in and are poised to drive more informed decision making based on relevant historical trend usage of assets to impact the bottom line. Use InSight Trends to:

  • Analyze asset productivity via dashboards with averages and aggregates.
  • Identify outliers for under or over utilization and drill down to details.
  • Optimize the number of assets via comprehensive analysis.
  • Decrease downtime.
  • Set-up and run customized reports faster.
  • Compare your performance against industry best practices.
  • Pin-point and prioritize assets for improved maintenance.

The SkyBitz Falcon GXT3000 is an affordable and customizable asset management solution that provides accurate, real-time data to enable business managers to make big decisions that impact the bottom line. It is ideal for operations that require frequent reporting on the status of mobile assets for increased visibility, security and utilization. The GXT3000 operates on a 3G/ 4G cellular network and provides seamless North American cross-border coverage.

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