Maximize profits with
Proactive chemical
tank monitoring

Maximize profits with
Proactive chemical
tank monitoring

SkyBitz offers the most scalable, reliable and accurate chemical tank level monitoring solutions for companies in a variety of industries. Our wireless hardware and sensors are purpose-built for all tank types, shapes and sizes to deliver long-lasting performance in any environment.

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Gain the Advantage

Gain the Advantage

Distributors of chemicals that remove the blinders from customer inventory levels are able to significantly increase sales and business profitability. Rather than waiting on customers to place chemical orders, tank monitoring solutions enable distributors to proactively respond to customer needs. With real-time visibility to inventory and usage history, you can accurately forecast demand, optimize delivery schedules and offer game-changing customer service.

Matching the Needs

Not all chemicals are created equal, so the cookie cutter approach is risky in chemical monitoring.  Rely on the expertise of SkyBitz to assure you are getting the correct unit for the correct application. From non-corrosive to highly corrosive chemicals such as bleach and flammable Hazmat Class 1 substances, our rugged sensors deliver the most accurate tank level readings for liquid chemicals. With this visibility, companies and distributors can reduce labor costs and increase safety by eliminating manual tank readings.

Matching the Needs

Smarter Decisions

SkyBitz SmartTank monitoring devices for chemicals send locations, fluid levels, inventory usage, alerts and other critical information directly to a cloud-based platform. The information is available, 24/7, in a user portal and through direct integrations with ERP and routing software systems. No matter the interface used, having visibility to accurate tank levels, automated alerts and alarms enable rapid and intelligent decisions to eliminate run outs and emergency fills.

Smarter Decisions

SmartTank Products

George Homan,
Founder and CEO

“By using SkyBitz Tank Monitoring’s remote data solution, ChemStation was able to maximize fill efficiencies by knowing the precise needs of each customer.”

Benefits of using SmartTank Monitoring for Chemicals

  • Website or mobile app provide instant visibility to tank levels, usage history, and alerts.

  • Deploy robust hardware devices and sensors at scale with satellite or 4G LTE cellular network connectivity.

  • Maximize utilization of delivery assets with real-time visibility of tank levels and historical inventory usage.

  • Utilize existing PLC connections from customers to access tank levels and other data sources with SkyBitz PLC uplink, a network device with dual 4-20mA inputs.

  • Connect to existing process sensors.

  • Identify potential issues such as critical levels or drain detection from real-time alarms and notifications.

SkyBitz uses highly accurate differential pressure sensors for vented tanks. This approach is far superior to ultrasonic sensors that are prone to false readings caused by signal bouncing. For non-vented tanks, SkyBitz SmartTank uses a delta pressure sensor.

The SmartTank solution works with virtually any type of installation scenario. If you already have a tank monitor and want to add a wireless connection, we can assist. Click here to see if your tank is compatible. SkyBitz has the expertise and experience to make sure your chemical tank monitoring project, no matter how big or small, is completed on time and on target with your needs.



Standard Features

4G LTE AT&T and Verizon.

Magnetic swipe activation and on-demand callouts.

Market leading battery life.

Host-Client LAN-WAN capabilities, 300 ft line of site range.

2″ NPT and 2″ Buttress threads for easy install.

Integrated GPS functionality for locating tanks.

Configuration Options

Class 1, Division 1—Intrinsically Safe.

Magnetic side mount kit for tall verticals.

Antenna extender kit (up to 100 ft) for improved service.

AC powered host for tank farms, with on-demand callout button.

Uplink with dual 4-20mA inputs for PLC connection.

Satellite connectivity (IP67 rated) launching in 2020.




Polyurethane for diesel, lubricants, DEF, water.

Teflon for chemicals and gasoline.


Multiple options up to 58 ft.




Differential Pressure for vented tanks.

Delta Pressure for non-vented tanks.


Stainless Steel 316 for non-corrosive liquids.

Ceramic for highly-corrosive chemicals.

Additional Features

Temperature for chemicals.

Sits on bottom of tank and accurate to .5%-1%.

3/4″ NPT thread for external pipe mounting.