Dry Van Trailer Tracking Solution

Unleash Productivity with
Dry Van Trailer Solutions

Unleash Productivity with
Dry Van Tracking Solutions

SkyBitz offers the most accurate, powerful, and reliable asset tracking and cargo monitoring solutions for dry van trailers. With pinpoint accuracy, our GPS tracking devices and intelligent software deliver a direct line of sight to trailers to uncover hidden and underutilized capacity.

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Dry Van Gain Insights Trailer Solution

Gain a Competitive Edge

The SkyBitz dry van trailer tracking solution reports a wider range of information more frequently, accurately and reliably than competing trailer tracking products.

Gain immediate cost and service advantages with superior asset tracking visibility. Discover your true costs of operations from extremely accurate mileages.

Increase your cargo hauling capacity with the same number of trailers with real time visibility and insights. Reduce fuel and labor costs by automating yard checks and routing drivers to precise trailer locations.

Meeting Your Dry Van Trailer Tracking Needs

SkyBitz’s full suite of next generation IoT devices provide the most advanced and reliable asset tracking, cargo monitoring and telematics solution for dry van trailers.

No fleet operates the same, and SkyBitz is uniquely positioned to support customers diverse business needs with a full product lineup of SmartTrailer devices, sensors and configurable reporting profiles.

The SkyBitz Insight portal delivers real time visibility, business intelligence and data analytics to fleet managers. SkyBitz tracking solution is integrated with leading transportation management software (TMS) and supply chain systems.

Dry Van Trailer Tracking Needs

Dry Van Trailer Tracking – Meet The Perfect System

Maximize Fleet Performance and Service

SkyBitz dry trailer asset tracking solutions enable rapid and intelligent business decisions.

With direct line of site to the location, operational status of every trailer and analytical data, SkyBitz customers improve utilization, increase hauling capacity, and enhance customer experience.

Visibility to the complete operational status of dry van trailers cargo loaded/empty, motion, door open/closed is essential in optimizing fleet operations, improving utilization, reducing misuse and unauthorized use of trailers resulting in productivity increase for the entire fleet.

Dry Van Fleet Performance

Rob Reich,
Senior Vice President of
Equipment Maintenance and
Driver Development at

“We re using tomorrows technology today to win with drivers and customers. SkyBitz has impressed us with the speed and ease of deployment across our fleet of trailers and containers, unique product design and customer experience.”

The Benefits of Choosing a SkyBitz Dry Van Tracking Solution

  • Instantly track shipments by location, load status and customer via the Insight web portal, TMS integration or mobile app.

  • Robust hardware devices and sensors deliver long, maintenance free service and battery life as well as ubiquitous coverage.

  • State of the art rechargeable batteries use the most advanced solar energy and power management logic available for trailer telematics systems.

  • Improve driver relationships and optimize fleet management by identifying available trailers and monitoring cargo, arrivals, departures, detention events and other visibility needs.

  • Combine powerful geofencing capability for yard, detention, and trailer pool management with edge computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, effective analytics and integration with leading TMS providers.

SkyBitz uses highly accurate differential pressure sensors for vented tanks. This approach is far superior to ultrasonic sensors that are prone to false readings caused by signal bouncing. For non-vented tanks, SkyBitz SmartTank uses a delta pressure sensor.

The SmartTank solution works with virtually any type of installation scenario. If you already have a tank monitor and want to add a wireless connection, we can assist. Click here to see if your tank is compatible. SkyBitz has the expertise and experience to make sure your chemical tank monitoring project, no matter how big or small, is completed on time and on target with your needs.



Standard Features

4G LTE AT&T and Verizon.

Magnetic swipe activation and on-demand callouts.

Market leading battery life.

Host-Client LAN-WAN capabilities, 300 ft line of site range.

2″ NPT and 2″ Buttress threads for easy install.

Integrated GPS functionality for locating tanks.

Configuration Options

Class 1, Division 1—Intrinsically Safe.

Magnetic side mount kit for tall verticals.

Antenna extender kit (up to 100 ft) for improved service.

AC powered host for tank farms, with on-demand callout button.

Uplink with dual 4-20mA inputs for PLC connection.

Satellite connectivity (IP67 rated) launching in 2020.




Polyurethane for diesel, lubricants, DEF, water.

Teflon for chemicals and gasoline.


Multiple options up to 58 ft.




Differential Pressure for vented tanks.

Delta Pressure for non-vented tanks.


Stainless Steel 316 for non-corrosive liquids.

Ceramic for highly-corrosive chemicals.

Additional Features

Temperature for chemicals.

Sits on bottom of tank and accurate to .5%-1%.

3/4″ NPT thread for external pipe mounting.