The Leader in Asset Tracking

SkyBitz is the leading remote asset and trailer tracking and information management service provider, specializing in real‐time decision-making tools for companies with unpowered assets.

We’re on Your Industry’s Pulse

Work with experts who know your business like you do. SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets provides best-in-class asset tracking technology to a variety of industries all over the globe.

Global Coverage and Visibility

Global industries require global coverage. Our state-of-the-art satellite GPS tracking gives you continuous access to the status and location of your assets, no matter where they travel.

Easy Access to Information

Get the power to make proactive decisions. Our web service is easy to use with no downloads and open API for easy integrations.

Proven Innovation

SkyBitz has built its reputation as a market leader for remote asset management with cutting edge solutions. But don’t just take our word for it, read our case studies.

Keep Your Assets In Sight

SkyBitz customers rely on our GPS trailer tracking technology to achieve total asset visibility, improved security, lower operating and capital expenses, and enhanced customer service.  To drive efficiencies in operations, or to respond quickly to problematic situations, you must have the ability to know where assets are at any given time. Enterprises with mobile assets can utilize industry-leading solutions from SkyBitz to achieve continuous visibility of assets. 

To stay competitive in the industry, leasing companies need to offer tracking technology. SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets enables you to meet that customer demand for visibility. Our solutions also help you bill customers more accurately, respond to them more quickly, perform yard checks remotely, improve maintenance scheduling, and reduce asset theft and misuse. 

SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets knows time is money in the oil and gas business. Our solutions ensure that management of your oilfield assets and equipment is as efficient and effective as possible. With sensor data and locator information working together, you’ll have full visibility of your assets, whether they’re travelling to onshore or offshore rig sites.

SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets works with intermodal fleets to achieve total in-transit visibility and control over chain of custody of your containers or chassis. We know that the more efficient the process, the greater the profits. With our solutions, you’ll have access to powerful analytics that give you the insight you need to optimize your intermodal operations.

Specialized chemicals have specialized transport needs, and SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets has the experience to understand the nuances of the chemical industry. We also understand the increasingly complex demands of the chemical supply chain. Our solutions can help you transport chemicals safely and securely while operating efficiently.

SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets takes the holistic approach to our customers’ success. You’ll be backed by industry experts whose role is to be your partner and ensure that your asset tracking solutions are working for your business. Our Customer Experience Organization enables us to deliver continued value and empower you to get performance-driven results.