GPS Tracking Solutions for the Chemical Industry

As the chemical industry's manufacturing and transportation operations grow ever more complex, the need to integrate asset management data with existing systems to expedite and automate business functions is becoming critical. While safety and security remain the top concerns for chemical companies transporting goods today, increasing supply chain complexity is becoming a critical issue as the industry experiences more intermodal and international shipments. SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets offers GPS tracking solutions that fit the needs of the chemical industry by helping you monitor your tanks and manage your supply chain.

Manage Your Chemical Supply Chain

You use very specialized equipment, and keeping track of it and optimizing its use is key to a more efficient supply chain. By enabling GPS tracking of assets and cargo while on the move, SkyBitz helps improve customer communication, better supports just-in-time logistics and increase customer trust by demonstrating continuous control of goods. Let SkyBitz help you:

  • Manage remote assets
  • Obtain total asset visibility
  • Respond faster to emergencies
  • Reduce capital expenses
  • Prohibit theft of equipment

Safer and More Efficient Operations

Remote asset tracking solutions allow chemical companies to optimize safe and efficient management of an inherently dangerous business. From a security perspective, the financial savings from reductions in theft, decreases in damaged goods, and reduction in liability and risk associated with transporting HAZMAT make the SkyBitz GPS tracking solution cost-effective. Further efficiencies and cost savings can be achieved through optimized supply chain management, improved fleet dispatch efficiency, faster emergency response and disaster recovery and more complete compliance with governmental regulations.

Capabilities SkyBitz provides for the chemical industry include:

  • Global coverage
  • Tank monitoring
  • Tank maintenance
  • Tank wash operations
  • ISO container tracking

SkyBitz understands the needs of the chemical industry and is as invested in your assets as you are. To start tracking your assets and running a safer, more efficient supply chain, get in touch with us today.