Global Coverage for Chemical Asset Tracking

The chemical industry is among the world’s largest and most interconnected; many other industries rely on the global transport of chemicals. Track your chemical assets from pole-to-pole with worldwide coverage from SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets.

Seamless coverage in the most remote areas

SkyBitz provides seamless coverage for global chemical supply chains. We offer state-of-the-art GPS location tracking and asset monitoring that reaches the most remote areas via satellite. Plus, our devices feature exceptionally low power consumption, which means they can last for years without any other power source.

Two-way satellite tracking of chemical assets

Two-way satellite tracking from SkyBitz enables you to not only receive feedback from your global assets but to operate your tracking devices remotely. Think of it this way: your chemical assets can communicate with you, and you can communicate back to them. Reconfigure your reporting and alert settings over the air at any time to get the most out of seamless global coverage of your chemical assets.