ISO Container Tracking for Chemical Operations

In the globally competitive chemical industry, companies have been looking for ways to reduce costs, carbon footprint and freight safety concerns. Intermodal transport has increased as an alternative to over-the-road methods for moving ISO tank containers with bulk liquids. You need an intermodal tracking solution as your assets move throughout the supply chain from truck to rail to ship. SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets offers ISO container tracking and reporting that allows you to continuously monitor the location and status of your chemical assets seamlessly

Track your containers all over the globe

A longstanding problem with global operations is maintaining complete supply chain visibility while containers are in transit. SkyBitz provides GPS asset tracking with global coverage for chemical operations . Our solutions solve the challenge of tracking non-powered assets, both hazardous and non-hazardous, for long periods of time. Our solutions help to reduce asset loss and speed up recovery in the case of theft.

We can alert you or provide exception-based reporting showing when containers have been shipped and received. In the meantime, you’ll have access to information about their routes, and with two-way satellite tracking, you’ll be able to communicate with the devices on your assets to change the reporting configuration to increase or decrease as needed. Having tracking on your ISO containers helps provide detailed records required for chain of control for hazardous materials.

ISO container load tracking

Use tracking visibility of your ISO containers to monitor unplanned changes to delivery. You need to know that your containers are being efficiently utilized and dispatched to correct locations. Find out when ISO containers have arrived at their destinations and how long they have been there. SkyBitz ISO container tracking solutions help to reduce information gaps between transportation planning, the Shipping/Receiving dock, your customers, and accounting by providing accurate information. This enables you to optimize your supply chain and prevent misuse of your ISO containers.