Chemical Tank Wash Tracking

Timing is everything when it comes to running efficient chemical operations. Combined with a variety of asset tracking features that work together to optimize your business, SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets help you manage chemical tank washing operations.

Improved tank wash scheduling to optimize your operations

We know in your line of business it is crucial for your operations and dispatching teams to quickly access accurate information to determine which type of equipment is available and how far away it is so they can quickly re-assign it. Working hand-in-hand with dispatch and operations, tank wash teams also benefit from having location and status information of tanks and trailers to better plan their workload and scheduling when trailers come in to be cleaned. You need to run your operations as smoothly as possible and keeping your trailers and tanks cleaned and available for re-assignment plays a key part.

SkyBitz will alert you when tanks have arrived for cleaning. We can also alert you to the location of the nearest tank wash facility so you don’t have to spend extra man hours searching and wasted time driving your tanks around. Once the washing process is complete, you can quickly reassign the asset.