Falcon Series GXT3102i

Falcon Series GXT3102i

Key Features:

  • LTE Network Coverage
  • Designed for Intermodal Chassis
  • Integrated Covert Mounting Bracket
  • Container Detection Sensor
  • Power Efficient
  • Extremely Durable for Rugged Environments
  • GPS Technology
  • For 3G/4G Networks

Real-Time & Relevant Asset Management

Built upon the award-winning SkyBitz® Falcon GXT3000 solution, the GXT3102i is a custom built all-in-one cellular product designed to deliver a more complete picture of intermodal chassis’ location and load status. The GXT3102i provides frequent and relevant reporting on chassis location and container loaded or unloaded status via a built-in sensor.

The Falcon GXT3102i operates on a 3G/4G cellular network and provides seamless North American cross-border coverage. Moreover, real-time data can be requested from the unit on demand and it can also be programmed over-the-air, which allows customers to update reporting frequency. For example, managers can program reporting requirements with the device to have it shut it off for periods of time and geographic zones like when the chassis is on rail, to save even more power and unnecessary reporting.

The Falcon GXT3102i delivers actionable information that allows users to identify areas to cut costs and avoid capital expenditures through better utilization of existing assets. It provides comprehensive asset visibility with real-time data needed to run operations more efficiently, such as:

  • Arrival and Departure Times
  • Stop and Idle Times
  • Loaded or Unloaded via Container Detection Sensor
  • SkyFence Adherence and Security Alerts
  • Hook and Un-hook Alerts


Designed For Intermodal Chassis

The Falcon GXT3102i is housed in a proprietary mounting bracket specifically designed for chassis that enables a quick and easy installation on the cross beam of a chassis. It features an ultrasonic Container Detection Sensor in addition to the mobile terminal and antenna, which provides total visibility of the asset and loaded container. The bracket is made of galvanized steel and is designed to prevent damage to the unit and to withstand harsh environments.

The Falcon GXT3102i was designed to be power efficient; it operates on rechargeable batteries and can be tethered to a power source such as a tractor seven-way. Even when not connected to power, the GXT3102i can report for up to 90-120 days, allowing customers to have continuous knowledge of the location of an asset. Its design features built-in LED lights that provide instant installation verification, eliminating any guesswork and allows users to check battery status and send diagnostic messages while in the field.