Galaxy GTP4050

Galaxy GTP4050

Key Features

  • Configurable via Two-Way Satellite Communication
  • Intrinsically Safe for HAZMAT & HAZLOC
  • True Global Coverage
  • Easy Installation & Verification in the Field
  • Long Battery Life
  • Supports Changing Batteries in HAZLOC
  • Compact & Rugged Design

The Only Two-Way Global IECEx/ATEX Asset Management Solution.

The SkyBitz® Galaxy GTP4050 is a cutting edge global tracking and monitoring solution. The Galaxy GTP4050 is designed to deliver the most reliable, configurable, and accurate asset location and status information. This robust solution provides comprehensive coverage over the entire globe via two-way satellite communications. The SkyBitz Galaxy GTP4050 is Intrinsically Safe Certified, which means that our customers can use the device to track in hazardous locations (HAZLOC) or use with HAZMAT shipments. When combined with a dramatically smaller device footprint and multi-year battery life, the GTP4050 is perfect for tracking mobile assets anywhere in the world.

The SkyBitz Galaxy series solution delivers the actionable data required to optimize operations within oil and gas, chemical, transportation, intermodal, and other markets that rely on remote unpowered assets. It imparts a lower total cost of ownership through a longer service life, reduced capital expenditures, optimized asset utilization, elimination of lost assets, tracking of stolen assets, and improved customer service.

The Galaxy GTP4050 is the only two-way communication IECEx/ATEX Zone 0 certified product in the world. Two-way communication makes the Galaxy GTP4050 a very flexible product that is configurable to each user’s needs, offering dynamic and enhanced reporting options, which provides a more complete picture of asset status, such as:

  • Arrival and Departure Times
  • SkyFence Adherence
  • On-Demand Location Updates
  • Precisely Defined Landmarks
  • Lock Down & Panic Mode
  • Border Crossing Notifications

Rugged Design. Easy To Maintain.

All SkyBitz Galaxy series products are built to last and can run several years on a non-rechargeable battery pack without any other power source. For added convenience, the device battery pack can be replaced while the unit is in the field even in hazardous locations. Its ruggedized, low profile, weatherproof housing is designed to withstand harsh environments. Built-in LEDs provide instant installation verification, eliminating any guesswork. An optional magnetic key allows users to check battery status and send a diagnostic message while in the field.

The Intrinsic Safety Certification covers electronic hardware used around ignitable concentrations of flammable gases, vapors or liquids, making the Galaxy GTP4050 suitable for operations in HAZLOC. You can change the device’s battery pack while still in a HAZLOC zone for significant time savings and easier maintenance.  The Galaxy GTP4050 can be mounted on almost any type of asset in your operations including:

  • Cargo Carrying Units (CCU)
  • Baskets
  • Tanks
  • Frac tanks
  • Tankers
  • Flatbeds and Chassis
  • Containers
  • Construction equipment
  • Dry van trailers

The Galaxy GTP4050 provides:

  • In-Transit Visibility – SkyBitz helps companies better support just-in-time logistics and increases customer satisfaction and trust by demonstrating continuous visibility of remote assets.
  • Asset Optimization – SkyBitz reduces capital expenses for asset purchases and leases, and ensures optimal operating conditions and efficiency.
  • Remote Monitoring & Control – SkyBitz helps reduce equipment costs, improves maintenance planning, limits cargo liabilities, and pre-empt operational failures.
  • Safety & Security – SkyBitz provides constant monitoring of the asset location, provides enhanced security for high-value cargo and improves stolen asset recovery.

Actionable Data Through SkyBitz InSight.

The Galaxy GTP4050 can be managed through the best-in-class SkyBitz InSight web application. Through SkyBitz InSight users can track, monitor and manage a broad range of assets. SkyBitz InSight uses exception based reporting to deliver insightful information that allows management to make quick, data-based decisions to more effectively control their assets. Additionally, InSight Trends, built within SkyBitz InSight, provides a flexible and customizable visual dashboard that translates historical information into actionable information.