Gemini GLS400

Gemini GLS400

Key Features:

  • Built Tougher to Withstand Harsh Environments
  • Lasts Longer to Decrease Cost of Ownership
  • Easy to Install, Maintain and Operate
  • A Better Total Solution to Manage Assets

The Next Generation in Asset Management.

The SkyBitz Gemini GLS400 is the next generation of SkyBitz’s mobile GLS tracking asset management solutions. The GLS400 asset tracking device provides a lower overall cost of ownership through increased power efficiency, reliability, ruggedness and service life. Packaged in a low profile, weatherproof Lexan 943 polycarbonate housing, the GLS400 is built to withstand the harshest environments while protecting all components and external connections with redundant connection seals.

The GLS400 is powered by eight off-the-shelf “AA” lithium batteries, allowing for service in the shop or on the road without the hassles of battery packs or expert installation. Its unique electrical design, combined with the proprietary SkyBitz GLS technology, enables the GLS400 to last for several years without any other power source, extending its service life. The design accommodates a suite of sensors (cargo, door, etc.) that span a variety of security and other reporting requirements. The self-contained GLS400 is attached to the trailer roof using a mounting bracket, eliminating the need for special tools and cutting holes in the trailer roof or nose.

For Total Asset Visibility and Control.

The GLS400 can be controlled and monitored through the best-in-class SkyBitz InSight software application for tracking, analyzing and managing a broad range of assets. SkyBitz InSight helps customers reduce capital expenditures, optimize trailer utilization, eliminate “lost” trailers, increase detention billing, track stolen trailers and improve customer service.

SkyBitz is the industry leader in remote asset management and employs a variety of intelligent asset tracking solutions and sensors to monitor and report the location and status of assets. The SkyBitz GLS400 delivers operational value, helping companies manage their businesses more efficiently, as asset management has direct bottom-line implications.

  • In-Transit Visibility – SkyBitz helps companies better support just-in-time logistics and increases customer satisfaction and trust by demonstrating continuous control of vehicles.
  • Fleet Dispatch Optimization – SkyBitz reduces capital expenses for asset purchases and leases, reduces fuel and staffing costs, and ensures optimal operating conditions and efficiency.
  • Remote Monitoring & Control – SkyBitz helps reduce equipment costs, improve maintenance planning, limit liabilities for cargo spoilage and pre-empt operational failures.
  • Safety & Security – SkyBitz provides constant monitoring of asset location provides enhanced security for high-value cargo and improves stolen asset recovery.