SkyBitz Installation Services

Professional installation and deployment is a critical, yet often overlooked factor in achieving the desired return on investment from any remote asset management technology or fleet tracking device. At SkyBitz, we understand that both the initial installation, as well as the ongoing support of our technology, are directly linked to our customers' long term satisfaction.

That’s why SkyBitz partners with several industry experts to provide customers with on-site installation services. SkyBitz and its partners welcome new customers with the industry’s best, turn-key installation and deployment services. Our objective is simple…to ensure that as quickly as possible, SkyBitz clients are positioned to achieve, or even exceed, their return on investment goals. In addition, our vendors can go well beyond simply installing SkyBitz systems on fleet assets. The vendors can easily customize installation for each client’s needs.

By leveraging a professional installation service, SkyBitz clients can enjoy dramatically improved ROI, improved user acceptance and accelerated user efficiency. In addition, customer resources are able to remain focused on individual responsibilities during implementation.