SmartTrailer™ Sensors 

What if your trailers were “smart” enough to tell you information like load status updates, when they need maintenance, where they’ve traveled, and anything else you need to know about your asset’s or cargo’s status? SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets provides businesses with technology that enables them to get a full view of what is happening with their assets at all times. That’s why we developed SmartTrailer™, a system of sensors such as, door, cargo, tire pressure, and motion that wirelessly delivers actionable insights. These insights can be combined with integrated data points from your Transport Management Systems (TMS) and ERP software. The result is a clear picture of your operations and the power to plan for the future.

Cargo Sensor

The SkyBitz Cargo Sensor utilizes ultrasonic technology to monitor the entire length of the trailer. A typical pallet of goods can be detected virtually anywhere in the trailer over a wide range of environmental conditions. Unlike other cargo sensors, the SkyBitz Cargo Sensor is easily installed in a safe location to minimize load damage. SkyBitz designed their Cargo Sensor to be just as easy to install as their Mobile Terminal. The SkyBitz Mobile Terminal is connected by a cable to the Cargo Sensor.

Tire Pressure System Monitoring Sensor

Tires are the top maintenance cost for fleets and tire under-inflation is the biggest issue affecting tires. SkyBitz provides customers with the ability to monitor tire pressure inflation events and trailer location in real-time so they can minimize tire related roadside service calls, improve fuel economy, and reduce early tire removal due to irregular wear.

With the SmartTrailer™ tire pressure monitoring sensor solution, drivers, dispatch, maintenance and executives will get real-time notifications if there is a tire system fault. Having this information allows for:

  • Quicker response to tire incidents
  • Better maintenance of tire wear
  • Easily locating a preferred maintenance shop in closest proximity
  • Analysis of tire faults over time to identify outliers or trends to improve driver training and maintenance

Door Sensor

The SkyBitz SmartTrailer™ Door Sensor maximizes both security and fleet efficiency by giving you trailer status updates based on door open/close events. The Door Sensor is easily mounted on the door frame and is directly connected to the Mobile Terminal.