Titan Series GXS1250

Titan Series GXS1250

Key Features:

  • Low-Cost Solution
  • Global Coverage
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy Installation

Cost Efficient Remote Asset Management.

The affordable SkyBitz GXS1250 is a practical and efficient remote asset management solution. The GXS1250

provides satellite asset tracking with global coverage through Globalstar’s simplex satellite network, making the GXS1250 ideal for remote assets that only require one-way communication to understand their location and status.

The GXS1250’s design allows it to be easily installed and field managed without the need for harnesses, antennas, or external power. The GXS1250 is powered by four “off-the-shelf” AA lithium batteries, providing multiple years of continued operation and removes the need to purchase expensive customized batteries for replacement.

Theft Recovery and Asset Monitoring.

Each GXS1250 is custom configured prior to installation to track each asset’s specific needs. Customers can view their information through SkyBitz InSight, the easy-to-use web application for tracking, monitoring and managing a broad range of assets. With SkyBitz InSight, it’s simple to pinpoint asset locations and see opportunities for higher utilization – which translates into bottom-line results. With SkyBitz InSight you’re able to become quickly aware of any missing assets and can reliably track their location.

The SkyBitz solution provides:

  • In-Transit Visibility – By enabling visibility of assets and cargo while on the move, SkyBitz helps companies better defend against theft, increase customer satisfaction and trust by demonstrating continuous control of goods.
  • Stolen Asset Recovery– Constant monitoring of asset location and status provides enhanced security and improves stolen asset recovery.
  • Asset Optimization– SkyBitz provides continuous knowledge of the location and status of un-powered assets anywhere in the world which quickly translates into reduced capital expenses, cost effective operating efficiencies, added customers and revenues, and increased security.
  • Remote Monitoring & Control – By monitoring equipment and cargo, SkyBitz helps reduce equipment costs, measure billable hours for remote equipment, improve maintenance planning, and pre-empt operational failures.