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Intermodal, Rail and Asset Tracking Solutions

In the intermodal business, the more efficient the process the greater the profits. The rising complexities of intermodal operations have made the lack of total asset visibility through the entire transportation process particularly apparent. While the process may seem simple, the chain of custody of your container or chassis can be anything but that. It is typical for an Intermodal Logistics provider not to own any assets at all.

With SkyBitz, you can achieve the visibility and remote asset control you require. Communicate with your assets and change reporting requirements on the fly via our SkyBitz InSight website service. With SkyBitz, you can feel confident that our low power consumption technology enables your mobile terminals to last for several years on only a just a few AA Lithium batteries. And with our new Iridium based communications network, experience seamless coverage from pole to pole for your international operations.

With SkyBitz solutions, you can achieve:

  • Continuous In-Transit Visibility
    By enabling visibility of assets, such as container tracking and cargo while on the move, SkyBitz helps improve customer satisfaction, helps shippers better support just-in-time logistics, and increases customer trust by demonstrating continuous control of goods.
  • Fleet Dispatch Optimization
    By improving dispatching operations, SkyBitz reduces capital expenses for rolling stock and increases efficiency in yard management operations.
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
    By monitoring on-board equipment and cargo, SkyBitz helps customers reduce equipment and maintenance costs, limits liabilities by reducing cargo damage and loss, and helps improve food safety and compliance with other regulations.
  • Safety & Security
    By constantly monitoring the location and status of assets, SkyBitz provides enhanced security protection for high-value assets and cargo, improves detection of terrorism and improves stolen asset recovery.

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5 Simple Questions

All of these questions are critical to drive an efficient and profitable operation, and all of these questions can be answered by a SkyBitz solution.

  1. Can you provide door to door cargo visibility to your customer?
  2. Is your asset being tracked via one seamless network that is worldwide, reliable, and flexible?
  3. Do you have the ability to communicate with that asset to change its reporting parameters?
  4. Can your asset tracking device last through the journey without any connection to power?
  5. Does your system have the ability to report real-time events relative to railcar or cargo status, such as:
    • When did it arrive?
    • Where is it right NOW?
    • Did the door open?
    • When was the cargo unloaded?
    • Is the asset totally empty?