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Intermodal Chassis Tracking Solutions

If you own or lease chassis for supply chain operations, you know the struggle of monitoring and controlling your assets. SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets offers solutions designed to provide the location of your chassis via GPS technology as well as information about container load status so you can optimize the way you use your assets.

Load and location tracking

SkyBitz provides seamless visibility of your assets with real-time reporting. While your chassis are out and about transporting goods, you can maintain full visibility of if the chassis location as well as when it gets loaded or unloaded with a container. Set up real-time alerts that let you know when a container is loaded onto a chassis and where, delivery notifications, and benefit from comprehensive reporting that gives you full insight into your operations.

Prevent side jobs and misuse

Without a full intermodal tracking and management solution, it’s impossible to know everywhere your chassis go. Whether you own a fleet of chassis or lease your chassis out, this is information you need. SkyBitz makes it simple to ensure that your chassis are used exactly as intended. We can alert you instantly if chassis move off the desired route, and you can review logs showing location data at any time. Through container detection sensor technology, we can also track if they pick up any unauthorized loads.

Durable hardware for rugged environments

Chassis transport goods across great distances through a variety of changing weather conditions. If your GPS tracking technology can’t handle any environment, it won’t do you much good. SkyBitz equips your chassis with durable hardware that’s built specifically for rugged environments. Stay connected to your chassis through rain, sleet, snow, and hail.