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Container Tracking: Increase Shipping Efficiency & Security

Global shipping has made it more difficult than ever to keep track of shipping containers. Complex supply chains now stretch across countries, increasing the chance of containers being lost amid the shuffle. Even worse, container theft and intrusion are on the rise as well. Container tracking software is the ideal solution to this, providing visibility and control. 

SkyBitz asset tracking technology is an industry standard in container tracking. With the insights provided from our tracking solutions, you will be able to streamline your shipping operations. With difficult to understand chains of custody for containers, container tracking software is nothing less than a necessity. You can even while containers are stacked you can achieve the line of sight needed for communication and connectivity.   

Logistics operators around the world are seeing the need for better coordination of container shipping. More than a competitive advantage, agile GPS asset tracking is intrinsic to the success of logistics operations and trucking companies. 

At SkyBitz, we provide tracking solutions for a variety of needs, such as trailer tracking, fleet management and Trucking & Logistics.  You’ll also find big data analytics solutions for interpreting the collected data into actionable knowledge. Our technology employs intelligent sensors and remote asset tags that provide real-time data through constant monitoring of intermodal containers.  

Aside from clarified and streamlined operations, container tracking software also provides safety and security benefits. High-value loads are at a risk of theft or intrusion, which can result in significant costs over the course of time. Plus, sensitive cargo, such as government shipments, are at a high risk of terrorist threats. 

With 24/7 location monitoring of container assets and cargo from SkyBitz container tracking, you can have faith in the safety of your containers. If a theft does occur, our precise location tracking capabilities make asset recovery easy. Ensure the safety and security of your containers  with our container tracking software.