Customer Portal

Empower Your Customers to Track and Monitor Their Leased Assets

Give Your Customers Visibility

SkyBitz addresses your customers’ demand to track and monitor their assets or field equipment by enabling you to share visibility with your customers via access to our intuitive customer web portal. You’ll know where your assets are at all times, and your customers will have an easier time keeping track of them as well. Existing SkyBitz customers will have access to seamless total visibility of their own assets as well as the assets they are leasing from their current user account. Non-SkyBitz customers can also get set up with credentials for the customer portal.

Benefits for Leasing Customers

Your leasing customers will benefit from the ability to optimize their operations and increase security. The functionality for your customers includes:

  • Creating their own landmarks
  • Setting up their own destination profiles
  • Locking down devices for higher security
  • Reviewing “breadcrumbs” that lead to asset location