Maintenance Scheduling

Optimize Your Maintenance Scheduling

Preventative Maintenance Alerts

Need an easier way to stay on top of preventative maintenance? SkyBitz offers automated preventative maintenance alerts that allow you to optimize the way you take care of your assets. A proactive approach to maintenance cuts the cost of unexpected downtime. The system can also alert you to when an asset is near a maintenance facility so your team can get it serviced quickly.

Actual Use Maintenance Scheduling

Using accurate mileage reports you can schedule maintenance around actual mileage rather than generalized timelines, so if certain trailers get used more than others, you can ensure they get the service they need. For heavy equipment rentals, the SkyBitz Engine Hour Meter provides accurate engine hour reporting in near real-time so you can monitor and plan based on real wear. You can also calibrate actual meter data within our best-in-class web-based software application.