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Technology Helps Turn a Profit
Gas, Oil & Mining Contractor Magazine

By Paul Nicolaus
April 11, 2016 

Software vendors help oil and gas companies increase efficiencies during tough times

In an industry where high-value assets – both human resources and equipment – can be sent away to remote geographic areas for lengthy periods of time, ensuring the safety of crews and the tools they use is a crucial concern.

One view is that it’s a difficult economic time and a tough time to invest in technology as a result, says SkyBitz President Henry Popplewell; but his company’s customers are telling a different story. With oil prices down, he says many have realized they simply cannot operate with a “business as usual” mentality in order to take care of employees and turn a profit.

Technology is being turned to in order to capitalize on the benefits of added efficiency, and SkyBitz is working with the oil and gas industry to help protect and enhance the use of assets. The array of solutions offered to customers includes asset tracking and utilization optimization but also extends to a tank monitoring component, an inventory management system for mobile fuel delivery, and a driver regulatory compliance feature.

All of these solutions come from one entity, under one umbrella, with one interface. “That differentiates us considerably,” Popplewell says, pointing out that the diversity of the product mix is another element that sets the company apart from competitors; SkyBitz has devices that run on both cellular and satellite networks.

In the near future, the company plans to release a new technology solution driven by a product that operates anywhere in the world. “We have products like that today,” Popplewell says, “But this specific product we have taken to organizations that test for safety. We will be unique in that we will have a global satellite tracking product with both ATEX and UL certifications.”

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