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SkyBitz trailer system adds features in TruckMate

September 20, 2015
By Aaron Marsh

SkyBitz, a provider of remote asset tracking and management technology, announced enhanced integrations with TMW Systems' TruckMate software to allow users to monitor and track trailers in real time, including location and cargo status.

The integration uses SkyBitz's asset management services to deliver trailer-specific information to TruckMate. SkyBitz claims the enhancements improve utilization and security and will help fleets reclaim unused capacity and reduce capital expenses and operational costs.

"We've had an integration with TMWSuite, but we've enhanced it," Siamak Azmoudeh, vice president of solution delivery at SkyBitz, told Fleet Owner. Part of that includes a search capability that allows the back-office user to search for a trailer or tractor and correct any discrepancies if the transportation management system shows that a trailer is in a different location than the SkyBitz information does.

"We generate alerts if a trailer starts to move when it's not supposed to be moving, and we've refined the yard-check function," Azmoudeh said. "Customers can go into TMWSuite and do a yard check to get specifics such as what trailers are sitting there" if they have the SkyBitz service, he added. "Also, if they're using our cargo sensor, they can see which ones are loaded and which are empty. A lot of that is really for improving utilization capabilities so they can turn trailers around faster" instead of having to wait for a call that a trailer has been unloaded, he explained.

"It's all time savings — this is about speeding up the process. Really, that's what trailer utilization is all about: being able to turn it around faster, keeping it under load all the time," Azmoudeh said. Ray West, TMW's senior vice president and general manager of TruckMate, stated that the product integrations give customers "the fleet visibility they need to quickly find available trailers to assign with the next load and can turn their trailers faster."

SkyBitz notes that this latest step continues its overall integration efforts with TMW Systems and allows fleet operators to: 

• View trailer and cargo status to determine if a trailer is loaded or empty, hooked or unhooked, in motion or stationary;

• Check a trailer's power status and mileage;

• Search for and identify idle trailers nearest to a location; and

• Perform yard checks.

The integrated trailer tracking and monitoring capability is available with the most recent version of TruckMate, according to SkyBitz.

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