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SkyBitz launches intermodal chassis tracking tool

The commercial telematics company recently unveiled its Falcon GXT3100i product, an asset tracking solution designed to provide shippers with complete visibility into chassis location and load status.


   Commercial telematics company SkyBitz has launched a new chassis tracking and container detection tool for the container shipping industry.

   The product, dubbed Falcon GCT3100i, is designed to provide shippers with complete visibility into the status and location of their cargo. The Falcon GCT3100i utilizes SkyBitz’s Container Detection Sensor to determine whether a container has been loaded on to a given chassis and tracks the chassis’s location via GPS systems as it moves from one section of the supply chain to another.

   “This new solution offers intermodal operators visibility of their assets’ entire chain of events - from the arrival and departure from customer sites to all events occurring in between,” SkyBitz said in a statement. “All of this real-time data allows them to improve on-time deliveries, reduce delays and turn-cycle times. These increased operational efficiencies equate to cost savings and increased profits.”

   According to the company, the Falcon GXT3100i solution enables improved asset turn ratios and reduced outbound loaded idle time; highly accurate cargo arrival and unload times; increased existing asset utilization, which helps reduce rental fees for additional chassis; and accurate detention management and billing.

   Designed specifically for intermodal use, the tool consists of a proprietary mounting bracket for chassis that holds the GXT3100 cellular tracking device and the SkyBitz Container Detection Sensor.

   “We are excited to be able to provide our customers with a new level of intelligence on their intermodal operations,” said SkyBitz President Henry Popplewell. “Not only will chassis providers receive door–to-door visibility on the location of their equipment, they’ll also gain insight into whether a container is loaded or unloaded on the chassis.

   “The actionable information from this solution allows intermodal businesses to gain better utilization, avoid misuse, and increase their customers’ satisfaction by improving on-time delivery. All of this adds up to cost savings and an improved bottom line.”

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