SkyBitz Debuts All-In-One Cargo and Asset Management Solution

Fremont Contract Carriers and USA Truck Select Falcon GXT3100C to Improve Fleet Efficiency

HERNDON, Va. – July 28, 2015 – SkyBitz®, the leader in remote asset tracking and information management solutions, today announced the Falcon series GXT3100C, an all-in-one product designed to provide a stealth and easier installation. The Falcon GXT3100C is built upon the award-winning Falcon series GXT3000, a custom built cellular product designed to deliver accurate, real-time data enabling operations managers to make mission critical decisions that improve fleet efficiency and their company’s bottom line. Fremont Contract Carriers and USA Truck, two leading transportation providers, have both selected the new Falcon GXT3100C under the subscription-based enterprise solution, SkyBitz as a Service for their fleets.

“We have many locations where we haul inbound loads to, drop the trailer and then return to haul out a new load from that same facility. We rely on the SkyBitz cargo sensor to tell us if the trailer was in fact unloaded, reloaded, and ready for outbound. Not having to send drivers on searches to find trailers and then verify if they’re empty or loaded saves fuel and hours while reducing our driver’s frustration,” said Tim McCormick, COO, Fremont Contract Carriers. “The bigger picture for us is the ability to manage our trailers more efficiently. SkyBitz helps us save the cost of purchasing new ones and gives us better trailer-to-tractor ratios. With the all-in-one product, we get a quicker install, fewer drilled holes and stealthier placement—invisible from the exterior of the trailer.”

USA Truck, a SkyBitz customer since 2011, recently re-evaluated and renewed its fleet with SkyBitz as a Service, installing the Falcon GXT3100C.

“We’ve already seen the value of cargo status in addition to location updates from SkyBitz and, with this new product, we’re able to receive even more frequent reporting,” said Russell Overla, Executive Vice President Truckload Operations, USA Truck. “SkyBitz as a Service is an attractive offering because it enables us to quickly deploy the new all-in-one device to our fleet by eliminating any upfront hardware costs and providing us with the latest technology updates.”

The Falcon series GXT3100C is an all-in-one product that provides real-time location and cargo status and is ideal for customers that want an easy to install product that is also covert. The Falcon GXT3100C consists of the GXT3100 mobile terminal with remote antenna, the SkyBitz Cargo Sensor, and a proprietary mounting bracket. This all-in-one configuration simplifies the installation process and provides the added benefit of only exposing a small antenna to the outside of the trailer.

“At SkyBitz, we pride ourselves on our culture of innovation and working closely with our customers to develop customized solutions built to better serve their needs,” said Henry Popplewell, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SkyBitz. “We are thrilled one of our long-standing customers, USA Truck, has renewed their commitment to SkyBitz and that Fremont Contract Carriers has selected us to help them achieve higher levels of fleet efficiencies.”

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