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Accurate Billing for Rentals

Oil and gas equipment is often spread across vast remote areas, is expensive and particularly prone to misuse as a result. Companies that rent out these assets need to take measures to ensure equipment is returned on time and not misused. To get the most bang out of your buck and build better relationships with customers, you need accurate billing. Through asset tracking and engine hour monitoring technology, SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets empowers you to see when and where your leased assets are actually used.

Track actual use with engine hour monitoring

Determining the engine hours of your rentals enables you to more accurately bill customers—no more under or overbilling. SkyBitz tracks how long your renter has had the asset so you can ensure it hasn’t been kept longer than the agreement, and we’ll also show you how the asset is being used: when it has been powered on and off, enabling you to enforce the most accurate billing time period. With GPS asset tracking information, you’ll know which jobsites are using what piece of equipment for how long.

Build better customer relationships

Part of having accurate information and billing is building better relationships with your customers. Inaccurate billing can create conflicts with customers if they feel they’ve been unfairly charged. By having accurate information about your assets, you can begin a conversation with your customer to proactively manage any potential issues, avoid disputes, and come to a better agreement. You can also reduce the amount of time spent requesting updates from customers about where your assets are and when they will be delivered or maintained. Sharing this visibility and accurate data with your customers helps to build a stronger collaborative relationship.

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