Maximize Your Fracking Equipment and Assets

SkyBitz provides total visibility technology solutions for both unpowered and powered fracking assets such as:

  • Frac Tanks
  • Tankers
  • Generators
  • Bulk Containers
  • Baskets
  • Gas Busters
  • Skimmers
  • Light Towers

Oilfield Asset ManagementIn the fracking industry, you need to assign the right equipment to the right job. SkyBitz is a world leader in providing the highest-quality, most reliable oilfield asset tracking solutions for the fracking industry. We specialize in providing you with real-time visibility of fracking assets in order to better maximize your fleet, keep track of exact equipment locations at all times, and prevent loss or theft of assets in the field. From frac pad management software to GPS equipment tracking for frac sand trucking, we provide it all. SkyBitz will help you manage operational chaos and reduce the required equipment to run operations.

Frac Tank Tracking

Frac Tank Tracking Devices with Long-Lasting Battery Life

SkyBitz satellite tracking solutions also allow you to stay in compliance, improve customer satisfaction, and provide transparency to customers and the public. And the long battery life of our tracking devices will let you avoid costly battery changes in the field while improving your frac tank maintenance management. Our GPS solutions are ideally suited to tankers and other equipment in the fracking or hydraulic fracturing industry that sits for long periods untethered to a power unit, and minimizes the need for maintenance in areas where repairmen are few and far between.

About SkyBitz and the Fracking Industry

SkyBitz is a provider of satellite and cellular-based technology that provides oilfield asset tracking for valuable mobile assets such as frac tanks in remote locations where cellular communication networks are unavailable. Frac tanks (which are similar to other intermodal containers that SkyBitz specializes in) store contaminated water until connected to a tractor for transportation to a disposal site. With SkyBitz GPS tracking solutions, the owners of fracking equipment can set up a virtual fence and receive electronic alerts if a frac tank is moved outside of a pre-defined perimeter.