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Managing the Chaos

Keeping track of and maintaining assets in remote areas over hundreds of miles can be chaotic and expensive. Not only must oil and gas companies send personnel to physically check on assets, but office employees must also keep tabs on all the resources. Poor record-keeping or faulty communications between personnel in the field and those back home can result in costly delays and unnecessary expenditures. This disorganization can lead companies to spend vast resources, man hours and excessive fuel on equipment-chasing. Unable to quickly locate assets, many companies simply replace them or incur unnecessary detention costs – decisions that can leave the original asset sitting in the field unused.

In an industry that’s growing fast to meet demand, technology is critical. Access to a robust satellite network capable of working anywhere gives oil and gas managers the answers they need to get the most out of every resource. With real-time asset visibility, they have the data they need to eliminate inaccuracies and ensure greater asset utilization and maximum capacity. Remote tracking provides information that’s crucial for decisions regarding inventory, equipment maintenance and compliance issues, such as the location, storage and transfer of hazardous materials.

Using SkyBitz solutions, sensor data combined with locator information provides the most complete picture of assets available to the Fracking industry, improving effectiveness and saving money in the following applications:

  • Equipment Dispatch Optimization & Improved Utilization

    By improving dispatching operations, SkyBitz helps find and coordinate the movement of critical equipment, optimize equipment allocation and utilization. This helps to avoid down-time costs,lost revenue and reduce capital equipment expenses.

  • Remote Monitoring & Control

    By centrally monitoring the status of remote equipment at far-flung fracking well sites, SkyBitz can help companies better maintain critical operational equipment. This translates to continuously and inexpensively monitoring operational metrics and reducing costs of transportation to remote sites for these purposes.

  • Field Safety & Asset Security

    The location of high-value equipment can be known at all times no matter where it is. This gives you incredible protection against asset theft and misuse and rapid recovery of missing assets.

  • Support Regulatory Compliance

    Remote tracking also provides information that’s crucial for compliance issues, such as the location, storage and transfer of hazardous materials. With a real-time reporting process, the system will instantly alert clients to situations that may require immediate action.

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Case Studies

SkyBitz is the industry leader in the remote asset tracking, but don't take our word for it, here's what our customers have said:

“Not knowing where your assets are can be costly for a company and its end-client.”

Dan Moore, Vice President of Operations, QC Energy