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Oilfield & Gas Equipment Tracking & Monitoring

Time Is Money

Because time is money in the oil and gas business environment, halting operations because of inappropriate equipment allocations can potentially mean millions of dollars in idle time costs and lost revenues. Therefore, it is imperative to ensure that management of equipment movement and status is as effective and efficient as possible. Oil field theft costs millions of dollars every year and can endanger operations if a key asset is not available when needed. Equipment status needs to be constantly monitored to ensure smooth operations.

Using remote oilfield asset tracking solutions, oil and gas companies can tightly manage the flow of equipment to and from onshore rig sites via truck and offshore sites via marine vessels. An asset inventory or "site check" can be performed simply by reviewing all assets within a pre-defined geographic perimeter. A variety of sensors can be added to a solution to make the system even more powerful. These sensors can tell such things as whether a container door has been opened, if the temperature or pressure changes, how many engine hours have been logged on equipment and when containment vessel fill levels are reaching a critical point.

Using SkyBitz solutions, sensor data combined with locator information provides the most complete picture of assets available to the oil and gas industry, improving effectiveness and saving money in the following kinds of applications:

  • Equipment Dispatch Management

    By improving crew and equipment dispatching operations, SkyBitz helps find and coordinate the movement of critical equipment and optimize equipment allocation and utilization in order to avoid down-time costs and lost revenue and reduce capital equipment expenses.

  • Remote Monitoring & Control

    By centrally monitoring the status of remote equipment at far-flung onshore and offshore well sites, SkyBitz can help oil & gas companies better maintain critical operational equipment, continuously and inexpensively monitor operational metrics and reduce costs of transportation to remote sites for these purposes.

  • Field Safety & Asset Security

    The location of high-value equipment can be known at all times no matter where it is, which gives you incredible protection against asset theft and misuse and rapid recovery of missing assets. Crew safety, rapid response to accidents and disaster recovery can all be improved immensely through satellite-based alerting.

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Case Studies

SkyBitz is the industry leader in the remote asset tracking, but don't take our word for it, here's what our customers have said:

The voice of the customer

“Hurricanes don't stop SkyBitz. So if one comes into the Gulf, we know where all the trucks are. We go grab them and bring them back.”

Manager of Marine Electronics, Offshore Survey Company

“We needed an asset tracking system that could reduce physical inspection of units, without requiring a power source. Skybitz provided us with real-time visibility to know where our equipment is and if it’s been moved recently.”

Richard Ellis, President, Paul Musslewhite Trucking Co

“Not knowing where your assets are can be costly for a company and its end-client.”

Dan Moore, Vice President of Operations, QC Energy

Why SkyBitz?

SkyBitz’s remote oilfield asset and equipment management solutions offer a wide range of powerful, low-cost asset locating and monitoring tools that provide a range of important benefits to help the oil & gas industry achieve critical business objectives. SkyBitz can help with the allocation, dispatching and protection of valuable equipment to enhance field operations, achieve reductions in operating and capital expenses, and ultimately improve response time across the entire organization, while ensuring reliability and safety in remote operations.