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Global coverage for your globe-trotting assets

For global oil and gas operations, full visibility is a must no matter where your assets travel, so SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets provides state-of-the-art pole-to-pole coverage that is unmatched by competitors. Our satellite tracking solutions enable you to gain control of your supply chain by ensuring that your assets are never out of reach.

One- and two-way satellite location

SkyBitz offers seamless global coverage via one-way or two-way satellite location. Through our unique global remote asset tracking and monitoring solutions, you can achieve the complete visibility you need. One-way satellite location is an affordable solution for cost-conscious operations, and two-way satellite location gives you the full control to reconfigure reporting over the air, even in the most remote areas.

Lower power consumption and longer battery life

When your oil and gas assets travel the globe, you need a solution that not only stays connected but that stays running. SkyBitz offers both low power consumption and a multi-year battery life that supports longer uptime and easy maintenance.