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Oil & Gas Asset Theft Prevention

SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets is the industry leader in theft protection and recovery for the oil and gas industry. Millions of dollars in oilfield equipment are stolen every year, and your operations can be endangered if key assets aren’t secured from theft. SkyBitz’s unpowered asset tracking solution is used by oil companies, service companies, equipment rental companies and transportation and logistics companies to significantly reduce operating costs and improve security. SkyBitz remote asset management solutions give oil and gas companies the ability to closely monitor equipment and react quickly to recover stolen assets.

Monitor Your High-Value Assets

Oilfield equipment is very expensive and often times left in the field for long periods of time, which makes it very attractive to thieves. Keeping track of widely dispersed assets and theft recovery is very challenging in the oil and gas industry as often times the equipment isn’t reported missing right away, if ever. The best way to stay ahead of theft is to be proactive with GPS asset tracking. Powerful reporting and alert systems from SkyBitz let you know where all of your high-value equipment is located on-demand to increase accountability and visibility. With complete global visibility and alerts and notifications, you’ll find your oilfield operations to be less prone to crime and misuse as well as more cost-effective.

Recover Oilfield Equipment Swiftly

Oilfield equipment theft is estimated to cost oilfield operations between $400,000 and $800,000 each month. With SkyBitz, not only can you immediately catch any suspicious behavior, but you can accurately track and easily recover stolen cargo if an incident does occur. SkyBitz employs a wide range of sensors and remote asset tags that allow you to constantly monitor the location of trailers, cargo, and equipment and recover stolen assets quickly. In addition to the best protection available against asset theft and misuse, SkyBitz lets you improve disaster recovery efforts, rapid response, and crew safety.