Customized Alerts for GPS Asset Tracking

SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets is always working to collect relevant data about your fleet’s operations. Make your job easier by letting us monitor your assets for you. We’ll alert you based on location information, geofences, or your maintenance schedule to prevent unauthorized use and to keep your equipment in operation.


With geofences, SkyBitz enables our customers to set landmarks according to latitude and longitude. These might be shipper locations, yards, maintenance facilities--or whatever location you deem necessary based on your operations and industry. The radius of your landmarks is customizable, and if you desire, we can send you notification emails when assets enter or exit the area.

Route Fences

Geofencing capabilities go further than monitoring assets while they’re in a yard or at a location. We’ll monitor your assets while they’re in transit. If they deviate from their specified route, we’ll alert you instantly so you can ensure they get back on track.

Safety & Security Alerts

When you’re managing specialized equipment, trailers transporting high-value cargo, and other valuable assets, safety and security are crucial. Increased safety and security are among the most important benefits of our customized real-time alerts. We have a solution to secure your fleet and protect your customer’s valuable cargo. Our Panic Mode feature and geofence technology enable our Lockdown Mode to keep your asset protected at any time day or night. This allows you to act quickly and recover your assets.

Asset Maintenance Alerts

Improper maintenance of assets can lead to unexpected breakdowns, costly repairs, and downtime your business just can’t afford. When you’re operating a large fleet of trailers and equipment, you can gain more cost savings by scheduling maintenance based on actual use instead of static time tables. We can provide accurate mileage and history of use to help you better plan maintenance. You can create geofences based on the locations of your maintenance facilities so you can find the nearest facility and we can help you keep track of when the last time it received maintenance. With SkyBitz, you can be proactive and avoid the real costs of falling behind on routine asset maintenance or avoid unnecessary maintenance for equipment that is not used as much as planned.