Asset Management Data Analytics

SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets collects comprehensive data about your assets for improved operational efficiencies. With both real-time and historical data, you can analyze key performance indicators to help you optimize your assets. Our system allows managers to combine multiple search clauses to create custom reports based on asset type, application, location, and timestamp. Start gaining full visibility and better control of your assets with SkyBitz.

Operations Dashboard

SkyBitz organizes our customers’ data into dashboards that helps reduce time spent digging for information and improves efficiencies. Our dashboards not only provide summarized real-time information—it also allows you to drill down to more detailed information for more context and analysis. Our dashboards were designed to provide convenient and easy-to understand information that will help you make informed decisions and take immediate action. For example, view analytics for assets whose most recent position is less (or more) than the specified number of days old, or search only the position history of assets within a specified date and time range. Assets can be analyzed individually, in groups, or all at once.

Idle Trends & Now

SkyBitz enables you to understand exactly how and when your assets are used. With idle time-based data analytics, you can search for assets that have been idle for the time period you specify or look for outliers for further investigation. This helps you identify underutilized assets and get the most out of the equipment and trailers you have. The ability to analyze fleet performance trends lets you maximize utilization and profits by exposing opportunities for increasing revenue and cost reduction.

Turn Time Optimization

SkyBitz provides a comprehensive view of the number of asset turns that have occurred in a specified time period via a visual dashboard. Analyze turn count defined by landmarks you set so you can identify and address outliers not performing within goals or hitting your targets. Compare turn count performance over customized time periods. With real-time data on turn costs, you can increase your fleet utilization and efficiency. You can also utilize a heat map with drill down capabilities about each landmark.

Trailer Pools

By using SkyBitz to monitor your trailer pools, you can access analytics that help you reduce your capital expenses by not exceeding the number of trailers needed at a facility and repositioning underutilized assets. We provide a cohesive overview of trailer pools by market with the ability to drill down into the details in each region. You’ll get up-to-date analytics on location, drop date, and status, so you always know whether trailers are empty or loaded. Trailer Pool reports from SkyBitz helps you meet contractual requirements to maintain the minimum number of trailers needed and improve detention billing through scorecards.

Customized KPIs

The SkyBitz web application allows you to define your goals for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and we will provide you with data analytics that let you know whether you’re meeting your targets. Our dashboards enable you to analyze asset productivity with averages and aggregates. Identify outliers for under or over utilization and drill down to details. We’re as invested in your success as you are, and we’ll work with you to set up profiles that provide you with the most relevant data for your business.