Fleet Management Software Data Integrations

Transportation Management Systems (TMS) Integrations

SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets provides asset management information that can integrate seamlessly with other existing enterprise and transportation management systems (TMS), providing customers with centralized mobile asset location and operational data for complete visibility. Having our fleet management software information integrated in one screen or system provides immediate, continuous knowledge that quickly translates into improved asset utilization, higher productivity, and lower costs. 

Dispatchers, load planners, and other operational personnel make decisions that have a direct impact on a carrier’s profitability and its customers’ business. Utilizing SkyBitz asset tracking solutions that are integrated with management software brings information directly to the people who are making asset utilization decisions. From within their TMS, customers can view accurate location, mileage and asset sensor status information. This provides the visibility and control necessary to optimize operations.

Key benefits of data integrations with SkyBitz

  • Visibility to accurate and real-time trailer location updates in one screen
  • Quickly find empty or idle trailers within a specified distance of a load pickup location
  • Trailer and cargo status, such as whether the trailer is loaded or empty, door opened or closed, if a trailer is in motion or stationary
  • Improved detention billing accuracy
  • Automated yard checks
  • Improved trailer and cargo security and reduction of unauthorized trailer usage
  • Reclaim unused capacity in the fleet, thereby reducing capital expenses and operational cost
  • Better trailer maintenance scheduling

Data Integration Partners

Integrations available for SkyBitz customers: