McLeod Data Integration

SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets integrates with McLeod Software’s LoadMaster for clear line of sight on your mobile assets’ location and status anytime, anywhere by centralizing all your critical operational data within your primary location --LoadMaster. With the  integrated solution from SkyBitz and McLeod, your fleet operations can start improving asset performance and resource allocation efficiencies. Location-based asset searches in LoadMaster enable you to quickly find all trailers (empty or loaded) within a specified distance from a load pickup location.

Benefits from SkyBitz integrated data into LoadMaster include:

  • Optimize Trailer Utilization with Visibility to Dropped Trailer Locations
  • Improve Asset Turn Time
  • Optimize Trailer Pools
  • Improve Dispatch Management
  • Eliminate Unauthorized Trailer Use
  • Generate Accurate Detention Billing
  • Reduce Operating Costs
  • Improve Preventative Maintenance
  • Increase Safety and Security

For more information on our integration with McLeod Software, contact us.