TMW Systems

Benefits from SkyBitz integrated data into TMW Systems include:

  • Complete Visibility to Trailer Status
  • Improve Dispatcher and Planner Awareness
  • Search for Nearest Trailers or Idle Trailers or by Custom Landmarks
  • Request a Position Update
  • Increase Detention Billing
  • Improve Trailer and Cargo Security, and Reduce Unauthorized Trailer Usage
  • Reduce Capital Expense and Operational Costs
  • Simplify Yard Checks with a Push of a Button
  • Automatic Notification of Trailer Arrival at a Maintenance Location for Preventative Maintenance (PM) Service
  • Ability to Generate Schedules Based on Trailer Mileage Information

SkyBitz & TMW systems available integrations:

  • TMWSuite
  • TruckMate
  • Innovative
  • TMT Fleet Maintenance-SQL Integration

SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets integrates seamlessly with TMW Systems’ software to provide additional and more accurate information about the status and location of your assets. Real-time data from SkyBitz includes:

  • Asset location
  • Historical trailer location data
  • Trailer motion data
  • Cargo status
  • Door sensor data
  • Battery status

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