Flexible Data Delivery

We want to ensure that our asset management software platform works with your company's specific needs. SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets has a flexible interface with XML over HTTP and HTTPS integration capabilities to give you the fullest asset visibility possible. Use personalized views of asset information to match the needs of your business on the SkyBitz web application or integrate your SkyBitz data directly into your internal systems using XML (Extensible Markup Language). If you have a custom built TMS or ERP system, your homegrown software can pull the asset tracking data collected by SkyBitz. You can also download reports into existing Excel spreadsheets for sorting and data mining.

Features of XML integration with SkyBitz include:

  • Fully automated data delivery
  • Ability to embed in any client application
  • Push and pull mechanisms supported
  • XML Data Delivery Architecture Guide available to developers
  • SMTP - Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

Immediate Notifications:

  • Email Daily Reports
  • Forward to Wireless Devices

Contact one of our experts to learn more about XML integration options.