Real-Time Data for Asset Management

In addition to the detailed reports and real-time alerts we provide, SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets enables you to access accurate data about your assets at any time. Check in on the status of your assets from wherever you want, whether you’re on your PC or mobile device. Quickly access easy-to understand information meant for day-to-day operations and real-time analysis. The SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets Web Application is designed to deliver the important data needed to better plan and respond quickly to changing conditions.

Current Location

State-of-the-art GPS tracking technology from SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets is the key to unlocking complete asset visibility. Whether your assets are in-transit or idle in the yard, we won’t let you lose sight of them. You can also set up landmarks via GeoFencing capabilities to receive alerts if your assets move in and out of designated areas for more meaningful intelligence.

Yard Checks

The SkyBitz Yard Checks Module in our web application can simplify and automate your yard checks with more accurate information. Stop walking the yard for daily checks with pen and paper. Instead, set up automated accurate reporting. Quickly find how many trailers and how many empty trailers are at multiple landmarks all at one time.

Detention Management

The SkyBitz Detention Management Module maximizes trailer utilization and enables you to have better conversations with your customer and strengthen relationships. Set up a Detention Profile for your fleet, and track detention with insight into how long a trailer has been at a location, which trailers are still in free time and which have entered detention This records the details necessary for accurate billing and allows you to configure automatic detention alert notifications when free time is set to expire. You can also setup profiles for multiple locations with numerous different business rules customized to your customer requirements. Our systems can integrate seamlessly with your TMS/ERP systems for detention billing.

Cargo Status

The SkyBitz Cargo Sensor utilizes ultrasonic technology to monitor the entire length of the trailer. Through our cargo status monitoring, reduce the wasted time that frustrates drivers and wasted fuel that frustrates your budget. Stop dispatching to containers that aren’t empty, and stop chasing empty containers. Increase the profitability of your assets and improve turn time and load acceptance.