SkyBitz as a Service 

SkyBitz as a Service (SBS) is a comprehensive subscription-based solution for trailer logistics and asset information management technology. SBS makes implementing asset management solutions simple and cost-effective by eliminating upfront capital investment and the cost and hassle of owning and maintaining hardware. 

Through SBS, SkyBitz delivers actionable information to enable customers to quickly make informed decisions in order to run their businesses more efficiently. We include the hardware, free battery replacements, road hazard replacements, and access to powerful information and analytics tools for a flat monthly fee. 


Big Data for Big Decisions

SkyBitz is the only company that can offer it all. We give you all the visibility needed without any upfront investment. With SBS, we’ve combined the largest portfolio of satellite and cellular based products and the right set of information tools into a monthly subscription. SBS also includes the seamless integration of SkyBitz data into third party Transportation Management Systems (TMS), asset management tools, and GIS solutions. Finally, we make sure your data is always available. We help you monitor the battery life of the asset tag and will send you free battery replacements to ensure the equipment stays operational. 

Benefits of SkyBitz as a Service 

  • Quicker deployment to your entire fleet and quicker ROI
  • Ability to keep capital free to use for other purposes
  • Protection from technology obsolescence
  • Expedited hardware replacements to minimize downtime 

Key Features Included in SkyBitz as a Service 

  • Easy-to-use web reporting portal with real-time and exception based data
  • Historic trend analytics dashboards to measure performance
  • Free TMS and XML feeds
  • Free software upgrades
  • SkyBitz hardware provided for customer use
  • Proactive battery monitoring assistance and free battery replacements

SkyBitz as a Service is one of the key ways the SkyBitz Customer Experience Organization makes our customers’ lives easier and enables them to run more profitable businesses.