SkyBitz Delivery and Customer Success Solutions 

The SkyBitz Customer Lifecycle

SkyBitz executes Delivery and Success Management Solutions based on the SkyBitz proprietary Customer Lifecycle methodology. This outlines the methods and procedures used to plan, manage, and execute successful delivery of our fleet management software products and services. The holistic approach to Customer Success uses performance metrics and indicators throughout the customer lifecycle that are shaped to measure and incentivize our teams to effectively manage the tactical and strategic relationship with our customers.

Best-in-Class Delivery Services

Through our Delivery Services team, SkyBitz combines the much needed industry knowledge with the required project and program management professionals. We ensure success for our customers through our best-in-class product installation and setup management processes and procedures.

The Strategic Value of Customer Success

SkyBitz has developed a world-class, customer centric department that proactively reaches out to ensure highly satisfied clients. We provide customers with a champion that will advocate for their needs. We prioritize the health of our partnership with our customers through listening to and meeting their needs, both present and future.