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Fleet Dispatch Optimization

Eliminating the guesswork with always-available tracking, management and reporting

In the world of fleet dispatch management, customer demands are always changing, spikes in business are a natural part of doing business, and surprises are bound to arise. That’s why pinpoint location visibility and always available status updates are a critical component of any successful operation.

At SkyBitz, our asset tracking solutions are purpose-built to allow for a level of fleet dispatch optimization you never before thought possible. From real-time in-transit trailer tracking to on-demand status updates, our lineup of fleet tracking management technology allows you to:

  • Reduce Capital Expenses and Operational Costs with improved visibility of unplanned stops and out-of-route occurrences for in-transit cargo.
  • Optimize Trailer Pools with up-to-date location, drop date, and empty or loaded status reporting.
  • Improve Trailer and Cargo Security through real-time, on-demand position tracking.
  • Enhance Dispatcher Awareness with access to current and historical trailer location information

Optimizing Fleet Dispatch Operations Across Any Industry

SkyBitz trailer tracking and asset monitoring solutions are engineered to enhance your supply chain visibility, while giving your dispatch operation the insights needed to see the total picture. With the promise of always available monitoring for trucks, trailers, equipment, hardware and other assets, our tracking solutions become the perfect option for a wide range of industries, including:

  • Trucking & Logistics:  Real-time location insights give trucking and logistics providers the support they need to reduce capital expenses for asset purchases and leases while avoiding excess fuel and staffing costs.
  • Oil & Gas:  SkyBitz solutions help dispatchers find and coordinate the movement of critical equipment and optimize equipment allocation and utilization in order to avoid down-time costs and lost revenue.
  • Fracking:  Whether your hydraulic fracturing field equipment is unpowered or powered, SkyBitz has robust frack equipment monitoring solutions to help you keep tabs on its location and status.
  • Intermodal:  Through improved visibility, SkyBitz delivers the insights intermodal businesses need to increase their revenue loads per trailer, reduce turn cycle times and ensure optimal operating conditions.

SkyBitz asset tracking technology lets shippers, dispatchers, brokers and carriers proactively identify and resolve potential issues before they disrupt the supply chain. Want to learn more? Call us at 1-877-2SkyBitz (1-877-868-6357) or click here to set up a demonstration with a sales representative today.

Case Studies

SkyBitz is the industry leader in the remote asset tracking, but don't take our word for it, here's what our customers have said:

  • QC Energy: By combining SkyBitz’s multi-year battery-powered GPS tracking solution with its own software, QC Energy maximizes the visibility of its trucks and heavy equipment.
  • Fugro Chance: On land, Fugro Chance crews are dispatched to various ports along the gulf, anywhere from Texas to Florida. Their pickup trucks have been equipped with SkyBitz for more than three years.

Why SkyBitz?

SkyBitz remote asset management solutions offer a wide range of powerful, low-cost asset locating and monitoring tools that provide a range of important benefits to help the oil & gas industry achieve critical business objectives.