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GPS Tracking and Asset Management for Private Fleets

The flexibility and adaptability of SkyBitz solutions drive more informed decision making and improved operational processes, providing a wide variety of benefits for private trucking fleets, including:

  • Higher trailer productivity
  • Better fleet management
  • Security for drivers, trailers and loads
  • Higher recovery rate of lost or stolen goods
  • Increased rate of on-time service
  • Improved driver hours-of-service
  • Streamlined maintenance management

These benefits quickly add up in dollars saved by reductions in capital expenditures and operating expenses—and dollars added due to improved competitiveness.

The ROI of SkyBitz for private fleets

Fleets typically achieve full payback of their SkyBitz investment in less than one year of installation. As a part of SkyBitz as a Service, there’s no upfront cost; you simply pay a monthly fee, making it even easier to adopt SkyBitz asset tracking technology for your private fleet. You can start saving money and implementing the system today without having to make a capital investment.

Lower tractor-to-trailer ratios

SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets understands that your private fleet needs to be as efficient as possible. With our GPS tracking and asset management software, you can achieve this goal and avoid or reduce any dependency on outside carriers. Your private fleet can reap all the same benefits best-in-class carriers receive from asset management technology.

When you have SkyBitz on your side, you can optimize your existing equipment without needing to add more assets. Optimize your drivers’ hours to run more jobs, haul more goods, reduce trailer idle times, and lower your tractor-to-trailer ratios.

Improved operational efficiency

Using both real-time and historical trend accurate reporting from SkyBitz allows private fleets to conduct a comprehensive fleet analysis to determine optimum fleet size, whether that means expanding or reducing assets. Operations managers can use the trailer location and status information to identify cost-control solutions that reduce expenses and maximize productivity. The SkyBitz web application provides fleet managers with analytics tools that ensure the overall fleet is meeting performance objectives. Dashboard views allow both operations managers and maintenance managers to quickly identify the best utilized trailers and make informed decisions. Maintenance managers can view trailers that are accruing significant amounts of mileage and are at risk for posing a safety hazard such as a road breakdown or may need to come in for maintenance sooner than the standard schedule.

SkyBitz gives you the power to make your fleet both safer and more efficient. Our technology also helps you identify the most direct routes so you can limit unnecessary miles.

To start making your private fleet more efficient today, get in touch with SkyBitz Enterprise Fleets.