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Theft Recovery: Track Stolen Equipment

Recover Stolen Trailers & Cargo, Track Stolen Equipment

SkyBitz is the industry leader in theft recovery for the trucking industry, construction equipment rentals, oilfield industry and more. We employ a wide range of sensors and remote asset tags that allow you to monitor the location of trailers, cargo and equipment and recover stolen assets quickly. Whether you need comprehensive tracking solutions for heavy equipment and construction rentals, tractor trailers, or oil and gas equipment, SkyBitz has you covered.

For the trucking industry, SkyBitz solutions help prevent trailer and cargo theft by constantly monitoring the location and status of your assets. Recover stolen trailers, enhance security for high-value loads, improve detection of malicious threats and reduce operating costs.

The landscape of trailer theft is changing. The days of forceful trailer theft are over—instead, staged accidents, cloned vehicles, and straw deals are taking cargo out from under companies’ noses. The best way to stay ahead of theft is to be proactive with GPS asset tracking. Not only can you immediately catch any suspicious behavior, you can accurately track and easily recover stolen cargo if an accident does occur. A single cargo theft can incur costs upwards of $150,000. Save money, and time, with theft recovery tracking.

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Prevent Oilfield Equipment Theft and Track High-Value Assets

Millions of dollars in oilfield equipment is stolen every year, and your operations can be endangered if key assets aren’t secure from theft. SkyBitz remote management solutions give oil and gas companies the ability to closely monitor equipment and unmatched resources to recover stolen assets.

Alert systems from SkyBitz let you know where all of your high-value equipment is located at every moment. In addition to the best protection available against asset theft and misuse, SkyBitz lets you improve disaster recovery efforts, rapid response and crew safety.

A boom in the oil industry unfortunately means more crime on oilfields. Oilfield equipment theft is estimated to cost oilfield operations between $400,000 and $800,000 each month. Asset tracking on the oilfield will not only help to secure equipment, it will help to reduce overall oilfield crime with increased accountability and visibility. With satellite-based alerts, real-time notifications, and swift recovery you’ll find your oilfield operations to be safer and more cost-effective.

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Case Studies

SkyBitz is the industry leader in the remote asset tracking, but don't take our word for it, here's what our customers have said:

Why SkyBitz?

SkyBitz remote asset management solutions offer a wide range of powerful, low-cost asset locating and monitoring tools that provide a range of important benefits to help the oil & gas industry achieve critical business objectives. SkyBitz can help with the allocation, dispatching and protection of valuable equipment to enhance field operations, achieve reductions in operating and capital expenses, and ultimately improve response time across the entire organization, while ensuring reliability and safety in remote operations.