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The operational and financial environment in the trucking industry has grown increasingly more challenging. Supply chains have increased in both global scale and complexity, requiring the integration of multiple players in different corners of the world. The rise of lean manufacturing has led to more streamlined operations where each participant in the supply chain has only those components needed to complete its discrete task. These issues have become top drivers for logistics operators and trucking companies to achieve better visibility and improved coordination of their trailers or intermodal containers. In short, remote fleet management of these assets is becoming critical to success.

SkyBitz employs a variety of remote asset tags and associated intelligent sensors to monitor and report the location and the condition of trailers or intermodal containers, onboard equipment and cargo. The flexibility and adaptability of SkyBitz solutions drive more informed decision making and operational processes as businesses seek to become more efficient and support growth. These solutions lend themselves to a number of important applications to help you manage your business more effectively and profitably:

  • In-Transit Asset Tracking

    By enabling visibility of trailers, shipping containers and cargo while on the move, SkyBitz helps improve customer satisfaction, just-in-time logistics, and increases customer trust by demonstrating continuous control of goods.

  • Fleet Dispatch Optimization & Improved Trailer Utilization

    By improving dispatching operations, SkyBitz reduces capital expenses for trailer purchases & leases, reduces fuel and staffing costs and ensures optimal operating conditions and efficiency.

  • Remote Monitoring & Control

    By monitoring on-board equipment and cargo, SkyBitz helps companies reduce equipment costs, improve maintenance planning, limit liabilities for cargo loss and pre-empt operational failures.

  • Supply Chain Management

    By increasing the accuracy of information regarding shipment status, SkyBitz helps cut costs by reducing inventories and lead times, reducing direct goods transportation costs and supports continuous supply chain optimization

  • Safety & Security to Prevent Trailer and Cargo Theft

    By constantly monitoring the location and status of trailer and shipping container assets and cargo, SkyBitz provides enhanced security protection for high-value loads, improves detection of terrorism and other malicious threats and improves stolen asset recovery.

Remote asset management and fleet tracking provides a wide variety of benefits. These benefits quickly add up in dollars saved by reduction in capital expenditures and operating expenses, and dollars added due to improved competitiveness and increased trailer utilization. Customers typically achieve full payback of a SkyBitz in investment within one year of installation. This is because SkyBitz solutions enable trucking companies, shippers and third-party logistics companies (3PLs) across the globe to streamline business operations and enhance security. SkyBitz provides greater visibility that result in fewer supply chain disruptions and reductions in excess inventory. This includes visibility improvements across the supply chain that reduces operating costs and enhances accuracy of delivery and customer service.

By increasing the accuracy of information regarding shipment status, SkyBitz helps cut costs by reducing inventories and lead times, reducing direct goods transportation costs and supporting continuous supply chain optimization. We help optimize delivery times, reduce unnecessary costs and allow you to react quickly to any unexpected disruption or new demand. This more efficient supply chain operation quickly translates into faster and more dependable services that create competitive advantage for your business.

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“The SkyBitz GLS technology gives us visibility across the entire delivery network - even across country borders - so we know at all times the location of our cargo. This tracking intelligence gives us peace of mind so we can concentrate on other aspects of our business.”

David Bennett, Executive VP, Tri-State Motor Transit Co.