Falcon GXT3002-3102

Real-Time & Relevant
Asset Management.

Falcon GXT3002-3102

The SkyBitz® GXT3002/3102 is an aff ordable and customizable asset management solution that provides accurate, real-time data to enable business managers to make big decisions that impact the bottom line. It is ideal for operations that require frequent reporting on the status of mobile assets for increased visibility, security and utilization. The GXT3002/3102 operates on a cellular network and provides seamless North American cross-border coverage.

The GXT3002/3102 is a custom built cellular product designed to deliver a more complete picture of asset and cargo status. The GXT3002/3102 can provide frequent and relevant reporting that is configurable to each user’s needs. Asset location can be reported up to once every five minutes. Moreover, real-time data can be requested from the unit on-demand and it can also be programmed over-the-air, which allows customers to update reporting frequency and behavior.

The GXT3002/3102 delivers actionable information that allows users to identify areas to cut costs and avoid capital expenditures through better utilization of existing assets. It provides comprehensive asset visibility with real-time data needed to run operations more eff iciently, such as:

  • Mileage Driven and Speed
  • Arrival and Departure Times
  • Stop and Idle Times
  • SkyFence Adherence and Security Alerts

The Falcon GXT3002/3102 provides:

  • In-Transit Visibility
    SkyBitz helps companies better support just-in-time logistics and increases customer satisfaction and trust by demonstrating continuous control of assets.
  • Fleet Dispatch Optimization
    SkyBitz reduces capital expenses for asset purchases and leases, reduces fuel and staffing costs, and ensures optimal operating conditions and efficiency.
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
    SkyBitz helps reduce equipment costs, improve maintenance planning, limit liabilities for cargo spoilage and pre-empt operational failures.
  • Safety & Security
    SkyBitz provides constant monitoring of asset location and status, providing enhanced security.

Key Features

  • Power Efficient
  • Easy Installation & Field Verification
  • Extremely Durable & Compact Design
  • GPS Technology
  • Low Cost of Ownership


Falcon GXT3002-3102 Installation

Install device on center chassis support bar.
Requires power.

Power Efficient & Durable Design.

The GXT3002/3102 was designed to be power efficient; it operates on rechargeable batteries and can be tethered to a power source such as a tractor seven-way. Even when not connected to power, the GXT3002/3102 can report for up to 90-120 days, allowing customers to have continuous knowledge of the location of an asset. The GXT3002/3102 is IP67 rated and can operate in rigorous environments that demand a reliable and high performance device. Its design features built-in LED lights that provide instant installation verification, eliminating any guesswork and allows users to check battery status and send
diagnostic messages while in the field. These features make it an ideal solution for all types of equipment and cargo including:

SkyBitz delivers real-time tracking and information management solutions that provide a clear line of sight to mobile assets anytime, anywhere.

Falcon GXT3002/3102

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Quickly identify and match LTL or TL loads to available trailers

Reduce line haul costs by capturing and identifying opportunities for improvement when loading line haul trailers

Substantiate detention billing with trailer arrival, load/unload, detention and departure data

Mitigate inventory shortages, theft, and erroneous expedite fees by comparing manufacturer load plan with actual shipper capacity data

Accurately forecast capital expense budgets by applying trailer utilization data

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