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Asset Management.

The SkyBitz® Falcon GXT5002C is a solar-powered GPS asset management solution that provides enhanced asset utilization and cargo visibility. Designed to provide a low cost of ownership and a service life lasting the longevity of the asset (~10 years), the GXT5002C combines an integrated cargo design with built-in cargo sensors, and can be installed in under 15-minutes.

Operating on an LTE cellular network, the Falcon GXT5002C is ideal for intermodal containers, offering seamless North American cross-border coverage.  As an externally mounted asset tag, with a non-replaceable battery pack, the GXT5002C is recharged from solar panels, and can report up to ~3 months without direct exposure to sunlight.

Additional Features of the Falcon GXT5002C:

  • In-Transit Visibility
    SkyBitz helps companies better support just-in-time logistics and increases customer satisfaction and trust by demonstrating continuous control of assets.
  • Remote Monitoring & Control
    SkyBitz helps reduce equipment costs, improve maintenance planning, limit liabilities for cargo spoilage and preempt operational failures.
  • Safety & Security
    SkyBitz provides constant monitoring of asset location and status, providing enhanced security.
  • Optional Accessory
    Wireless Door Sensor Enhance your cargo’s security while gaining visibility when loading/unloading events are initiated.

Key Features

  • Efficient Solar Power
  • Service Life Lasting the Longevity of the Asset (~10 years)
  • Integrated Cargo Design with Built-in Cargo Sensors
  • Wireless Door Sensor integration available
  • LTE Network Coverage
  • Under 15-Minute Install with Option to Install on Full Load
  • Military-Grade Durability
  • Backup Battery Life (~3 months)

Dynamic Reporting.

The Falcon GXT5002C provides relevant reporting, including on-road vs. on-rail profiling, and is configurable to each user’s needs. This actionable information allows users to cut costs and avoid capital expenditures by better using existing assets. Data can be requested from the GXT5002C on-demand and be programmed over-the-air, allowing customers to update reporting frequency and behavior. Reporting options include:

  • Arrival and Departure Times
  • Idle Durations
  • Mileage Driven
  • Accurate Locations
  • SkyFence Adherence and Security Alerts
  • Loaded or Unloaded via Cargo Sensor
  • Door Open or Closed via Door Sensor
  • Tire Pressure Status via Tire Sensor

Quick to Install. Lasts the Long Haul.

The Falcon GXT5002C is IP67 rated, with military-grade durability, and can operate in rigorous environments that demand a reliable and high-performance device. With an untethered installation, the GXT5002C is selfcontained, requiring no wires or special tools to install.

The design also includes a low profile and four built-in LED lights that provide:

  • Quick install procedure via the SkyBitz App
  • Instant installation verification, eliminating any guesswork
  • Allows users to check battery status and send diagnostic messages while in the field

Falcon GXT5002C

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