Maximize Margins While
Ensuring Safety & Compliance.

Fleet Management

Assets Supported

  • Semi-Trailer Trucks

  • Box Trucks

  • Tank Trucks

  • Refrigerated Trucks

  • Dump Trucks

  • Pickup Trucks

  • Passenger Vehicles

  • School Buses

Benefits include

Total Visibility of Drivers, Vehicles, and Cargo

Delivery Validation for Quicker Billing

Efficient Fleet Use and Routing

Safety and Compliance Assurance

Thwart Theft and Ensure Driver Safety

Boost Dispatch Performance and Scheduling

Reduce Paper Processes such as IFTA reporting

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Innovative Features for Your Growing Fleet Business

Driver Behavior

Improving driver behavior leads to fewer accidents, which leads to lower insurance premiums and better safety for everyone involved. Create custom rules to focus on driver behaviors that matter most to your organization. Coach drivers using detailed reports identifying critical areas of improvement, including idle time, speeding, and harsh acceleration and braking.

Driver Behavior
trailer asset tracking dashboard

Dashboards & Reports

Use a phone or computer to view customized dashboards, populate reports such as location, fuel, behavior, and maintenance. Give your team the data they need, when they need it.

Timeline Replay & Geofences

Set up driver and location parameters using geofences to alert you of potential vehicle theft or misuse. Timeline replay ensures you’re right when you need it most.

Timeline Replay & Geofences
Real-Time Alerts

Real-Time Alerts

Speed, Maintenance, Location, Ignition Status. SkyBitz platform allows you to designate who receives them and at what frequency so notifications are necessary, not a nuisance.


Vehicle maintenance is a necessary evil when it comes to running a fleet business. Our diagnostic devices offer a smart, customized option for handling data so you can plan for repairs and avoid costly breakdowns.

Fuel Cards

Fuel Cards

Save time and money by integrating fuel cards across your fleet. Avoid manual fuel reimbursements and be able to route drivers to the most cost-efficient gas stations weekly.

Software Features

SkyBitz software comes with a simple user interface and a host of package options so all fleet providers can confidently track, monitor and improve their fleet management processes, regardless of size. Get ahead of your fleet business:

Track and Locate Trucks and Trailers
Improve Driver Behavior
Reduce Asset Idle Days
Reduce Engine Idling
Smarter Route Planning
Limit Unauthorized Use
Improve Fleet Maintenance
Go Paperless

Hardware Features

Our hardware options offer customers a host of options based on their fleet business from owning the hardware or simply reselling it under your own brand. SkyBitz offers plug-and-play and hardwired devices with additional sensor-based technology for monitoring temperature and movement. We’ve got you covered.

Hardware Features

Mobile App Features

Mobile App Features

Available for iOS and Android, our free app lets you take your fleet with you and manage your customers and drivers remotely. From basic fleet information such as vehicle location and movement status, to detailed reports that allow you to take control when you need to the most, you’ll stay connected in and out of the office.

trailer tracking
trailer tracking


SkyBitz integrates with most back-office systems so you can move towards a more productive, profitable fleet environment. Whether you are operating a medium-size service fleet or require nation-wide supply chain solutions, our customer experience team will find a solution that meets your ROI objectives.

trailer tracking | integration | skybitz
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trailer tracking | case study | skybitz
trailer tracking | skybitz

Your Success
is Our Success

Since 1986, we have focused on delivering real-time asset monitoring solutions to customers across the transportation and logistics industry. With 1.3 million subscribers using our solutions, we provide meaningful financial and operational returns through the use of IoT technologies. With an exceptional customer experience team, we are dedicated to your success.

skybitz case study

+ SkyBitz

DriveLine International has experienced an increase in overall fleet efficiencies, which has driven a quick return on its investment in less than six months.

trailer tracking
trailer tracking

Rob Reich
Senior Vice President of Equipment Maintenance and Driver Development at Schneider

“We’re using tomorrow’s technology today to win with drivers and customers. SkyBitz has impressed us with the speed and ease of deployment across our fleet of trailers and containers, unique product design and customer experience.”

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