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We bring end-to-end visibility into intermodal container freight with intelligent software and purpose-built hardware to increase productivity. SkyBitz puts users in control over their operation with GPS tracking solutions that deliver a complete line of sight into freight assets.

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Total In-Route Visibility

The intermodal shipping world is complex, with more and more freight traveling across rail, truck, and ship now than ever before. SkyBitz provides the right equipment and tracking solutions for chassis and containers that deliver critical information to movers throughout the supply chain.

Rugged devices and sensors built for multiple modes of transport deliver GPS tracking location, temperature readings, motion and mount condition, unauthorized use, and idle time data. From the shipper interested in the location of their shipment to the drayage carrier that needs to locate and deploy an available container, the SkyBitz SmartTrailer solution links the intermodal asset to accurate data insight through an intuitive, simple portal.

Container Tracking & Productivity

No one likes stagnant containers or drivers waiting around for an intermodal shipment to be unloaded at the rail yard. SkyBitz intermodal solution helps maximize efficiency across the entire operation by enabling carriers to only dispatch drivers when the asset is ready.

With SkyBitz, a company can see inside their containers using cargo trailer cameras and advanced AI technology, so they know when shipments are made and when that container is fully unloaded and ready for the next job. Two-way communications improve turn times so trailers are being utilized at optimal capacity and your drivers are as productive as possible.

Real Time Container Tracking

SkyCamera mounts to the left rear of your trailer, chassis or container, making installation easy and allowing more control over your equipment across your fleet. It communicates with the SkyBitz Kinnect via Bluetooth Low Energy.

Intermodal Container Tracking – Meet The Perfect System

Improve Efficiency & Customer Service

Intermodal managers today want to know more information about the status and condition of their cargo from Point A to Point Z, with options such as real-time alerts and cargo visibility. In order to help streamline operations, it’s important to know where assets are at all times.

Connecting the dots between intermodal container tracking, driver location, meeting government compliance, reducing theft, and realizing capacity of loads helps asset managers improve efficiency.

SkyBitz intermodal solutions provide the global visibility required to maximize container utilization, reduce fuel costs, and improve the shipper experience using real-world data analytics to power supply chain decisions.

GPS Tracking & Advanced Analytics for Improved Customer Experience

Shaleen Devgun,
Schneider Chief Information Officer

“It’s an ecosystem where smart containers are an essential part of the equation,” he said. “We are leveraging this to make near real-time decisions to run our network. To know where that container is and where it’s moving to is not only important to the customer, who wants to consume that information now, [it also allows us] to be proactive when there is a potential delay.”

Benefits of an Intermodal Container Solution

  • Quickly track intermodal shipments by container location, load status, shipping company, cargo capacity for immediate conversion into billable revenue

  • Receive company fuel data, door and cargo area alerts via our portal to directly impact business decisions

  • Access hi-resolution images to help identify underutilized containers, reduce unauthorized use, and prevent theft to improve customer service

  • Improve driver relationships by identifying available resources, containers, and cargo that impact arrival and departure times to help eliminate detention status.

  • TMS Integration allows customers to access live, aerial views of their shipments in real-time using GPS tracking, advanced cameras and sensors, and data intelligence

  • Receive detention billing alerts with container arrival and departure data, load and unload status

  • Mitigate inventory shortages, the number of theft cases, and erroneous expedite fees by comparing manufacturer load plan with actual shipper capacity data to improve business decisions

  • Rugged hardware, over-the-air upgrades, and solar-powered device options reduce equipment installation and impact maintenance times by streamlining operations, enabling preventative maintenance options, and allowing users to track equipment status

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